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Phiten's Aqua Titan Rakuwa

I've heard of Phiten products years ago. 

Using what is known as a "Phild process", Phiten changes various metals into ionic states which are then infused into the fabrics that make up their products.  These tatanium-infused necklaces are then said to promote wellness and holistic well-being by regulating the body's bioelectric current, an imbalance of which causes fatigue and various body aches and pains.

Having been a long-time sufferer of body aches due to stress, I'm just about ready to give any little thing a shot.

Phiten's Aqua Titan Rakuwa

I've mentioned in a previous post that I suffer from what I call "baby wrist."  And although I find that cream's like ORYSPA's rice bran meditation balm works wonders to relieve the pain, I decided to also give Phiten's Aqua Titan Rakuwa bracelet the old college try as well (got it from Blogapalooza so might as well give it a go right?)

Puting my thinking cap and lab coat on, I decided that a little experiement was in order to determine this product's effectiveness.

First off, I made sure not to use any pain relieving ointments or creams on my wrist for a week (ouch!) to be sure that the pain is more pronounced.  I then wore the bracelet overnight, taking it off on occasions when I had to carry the Little One (there has not been any study on how Phiten products affects babies and I won't definitely risk this on our precious.)

Phiten on my wrist! 

The verdict?  The pain did go away.  I woke up with no ache on my wrist whatsoever.  No kidding.  I was a little skeptical at first but I have to say it did deliver as it promised.  And immediately (after only a night's use) too.

Aside from improving and helping alleviate pain and stiffness, Phiten products also aid in preventing fatigue and injury by relaxing the muscles for more flexibility.  It also enhances physical abilities, perfect for athletes

Phiten has come out with a variety of products infused with this nano-technology.  Samples include necklaces, shirts, sole insoles and would you believe even supporters

Admittedly though, I still prefer to use mild balms and ointments, since they dry out fast and provides instant relief, but in cases wherein I don't have to hold the Little One, I do wear my Phiten Aqua Titan Rakuwa.


For more information regarding Phiten and their products, visit


  1. First time Ive heard of this stuff, though if it works it could help a lot of people destress themselves

    Miss Macherie

  2. This is interesting....I'll wait for your review on how it works or it really

  3. @Macherie: A lot of athletes are apparently endorsing it already. So I guess it does work to a certain extent. =)

    @SunnyToast: So far, it does relieve the pain on my wrist. Although I plan to give this to hubby for a more thorough evaluation. He can wear this when playing tennis. =D

    @kath: I know, right. But I still want to have the effect double checked by hubby. Hehehe! =)

  4. That's cool. I've been having body aches due to stress too. sabi nga ng lola ko, daig ko pa matanda sa dami ng nasakit sakin! hehe Might get one!

    Btw, is it ok if i ask you to repost your comment here in my entry for
    JOHNSON’s My Kid’s Growing Up So Fast Contest ? I was told that only comments entered from oct. 8-21 will be considered valid for the reader giveaway. Your old comment's still there. :)

    Please like the
    JOHNSON’s facebook page too! Thanks a lot!

    Love, Alex and Nuna

  5. Hi Sis, so true! I'm so addicted to it. I'm thinking of getting other designs. I just find the stitch of sports standard pronounced. Since I'm not into any sports yet (certified couch potato!), I want to get something low profile. Haha, trivial concern, but other than that, I think it's working. :)

  6. @Nuna: Sure! =)

    @Des: Great! At least its been verified. Although I've meet a few who've also attested to its effectivenes. =)

  7. Hi sis! Here's the link.

    Thank you! =)


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