Friday, October 21, 2011

Bubble Tea Dreams and Memories

During one particular trip to Singapore to visit my ex-BF (now hubby) a few years back, I came across a small stall selling, of all things, grilled chicken curry.  Yup.  You read it right.  It's grilled and it's curried.  Well, I love anything fowl -- grilled most especially -- and anything curried, so this unique combination to me was like a delicious, gastronomical meeting of sorts, simply calling out to my palate.

And try it out I did!  Never have I tasted such a great combination that my succeeding visits found me ordering the same thing again and again.

Well, this isn't Singapore, baby!  So alas, I couldn't have it here and would content myself with the occasional taste twice or thrice in a year.  =(

Well, that was before Bubble Tea Restaurant (Tokyo Milk Tea Place) offered me a similarly delicious alternative.

Named after those popular pearl milk tea beverages that seem to be popping out of nowhere these days, this restaurant is slowly but surely gaining a following because of their pearl milk tea drinks.

But personally, it's not just the drinks that make me visit this store each and everytime I find myself in Megamall.

For one thing, I love their Grilled Chicken Curry (Php225).  Their version has more curry sauce as compared to the one I patronize in Singapore, but just as tasty.   It's sweet and a little spicy, combined with tender chicken strips infused with the just the right amount of marinade.  Yum!

Grilled Chicken Curry

Oh!  And they top it with a sunny side egg.  Double yummy!  =D

Just look at that luscious egg...

It also comes with a small side salad with thousand island dressing.  I usually skip this though, as I find the dressing a little overpowering. 

Side Salad

Bubble Tea Restaurant is popularly known for their milk tea drinks.  I, however, am more partial to their milkshakes, particularly their strawberry-flavored one, selling for Php135, medium size.

Strawberry Milkshake

What I love about their shakes is the fact that they include tapioca or sago pearls into their concoction.  It's not too sweet and you get an exctra dose of vanilla soft serve ice cream on top.  I could just have this everyday!  =D

Bubble Tea Restaurant also tries to provide a more personal dining experience.  Servers are very welcome and accommodating, and very knowledgable.  Heck!  They also include a personalized thank you note on your receipt.  Now that's service. 

My one major gripe with them is that they haven't opened a branch in the south yet.  Calling Bubble Tea Restaurant!  Open one here please!  Maybe in MOA?  =D


For more information about this store and a full list of their branches, please visit the Bubble Tea Restaurant, Manila (Tokyo Milk Tea Place Facebook page.


  1. I love anything grilled and curried too! Looks yum!

  2. I've tried dining at Bubble Tea for a couple of times, but I just order drinks and some sushi. But since those photos look so enticing, I might try that some time! :) That grilled chicken curry looks delish <3

  3. the food sure looks nice.. love the egg :)

  4. @Sumi Go: Yup. Its one of my all-time faves there. Although the pasta dishes are also great! =)

    @ken: Thank you. =)


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