Friday, October 7, 2011

Our The Heritage Hotel Manila Experience

Hubby and I love checking-in hotels every now and then.  Since he can only stay in Manila for a few days, we treat this as a sort of vacation.  Stay-cation, if you will.  All these without the need for us to step out of the Metro.

On one such occasion, we decided to give The Heritage Hotel Manila a try.

A 5-star deluxe hotel located at the corner of Roxas Boulevard and EDSA, this auberge is a good place to stay for those wishing to be near the airports and major shopping areas (it's actually just a few minutes away from SM Mall of Asia.  Heck!  You can even catch a glimpse of the fireworks show!)  =D


Like every major, well-known hotel, The Heritage Hotel Manila also boasts of a grand lobby with tall, ceiling-high columns.  With plenty of seating to boot!  (Forgive the enthusiasm as I was still pregnant that time and the thought of numerous, comfy seating is heavenly.)


The Deluxe room offers a cozy Queen-sized bed  with the usual basic amenities (toiletries, safe, slippers, etc.)

What I do love about the rooms are the cushy, soft pillows they provide.  It was so wonderful that we just had to find out the brand so we could get one of our very own!  (I sincerely thank The Heritage Hotel Manila's housekeeping and marketing departments for readily answering our e-mail inquiry and assisting us in purchasing one.  You guys are the best!)


And yes, no hotel stay could ever be complete without a belly-bursting, lip-smacking breakfast buffet (in my opinion, anyway)!

I definitely recommend you try the following:

1.  Sushi.  It may look so simple but their sushi line is definitely tasty.  Oishi!  (Reminder: If you're pregnant, please opt for the cooked ones and stay clear of the sashimi.)  =)

2.  Fruit danish.  Crumbly, flaky crust topped with fruit preserve.  Enough said.  Yum!

The designer in you would also appreciate the design aesthetic of the buffet room.

Don't you just love a hotel that delivers?  =)


The Heritage Hotel Manila

Roxas Boulevard corner EDSA
Pasay City
Philippines 1300

T: +63 2 854 8888
F: +63 2 854 8833

You may also visit them at their official website or Facebook page


  1. what a lovely experience! the bed looks so comfy and if i'll stay there, i will just sleep, sleep and sleep. =)

  2. @michi: I was tempted to as well. Hehehe! The pillows are the best! =)

  3. Nice blog :) just dropping by. Hope you visit mine too :)

    Glenn of Gencified

  4. thank you for visiting my site, kakainggit.hehehe. sana magka-moolah din ako for my

  5. @Glenn Encinares: No problem! Thanks for visiting. =)

    @Macherie: You can do it! Groupon sites are wonderful resources too. =)

  6. parang gusto ko din mag-book. para lang sa sushi! haha!

  7. @bursky: You can also opt to avail of their lunch or dinner buffets. =)

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