Monday, September 18, 2017

SG | Toast Box Ham and Cheese Set

Breakfast is an indulgence for me.  Mainly because I am super lazy to have breakfast.  But when I do, there is no better start to your mornings than with Toast Box's ham and cheese toast set.

Similar to their Kaya toast set, this one comes with your choice of drink (kopi -- coffee with condensed and evap milk -- all the way!) and 2 soft-boiled eggs (S$7.10/Php241.40).  Yummy!

Even the Daughter is fan.  😃


Toast Box

Monday, September 11, 2017

CRAFTY | My DIY Barbie Closet

The Daughter has started playing with Barbie dolls and as a consequence, has started bugging me for clothes and accessories for her little friends.

Now any parent of a little girl knows how ridiculously expensive Barbie doll clothes are.  In fact, a simple dress and shoe set can cost as much as the Daughter's own set of clothes!

I don't blame the Daughter, though, as as a kid, it was one of the things I myself enjoyed playing with (The only difference was I was lucky that an aunt gifted me with a box full of Barbie doll clothes, shoes and accessories for Christmas, hence the Parentals didn't need to buy me some.  😁)

We've not bought the Daughter any Barbie clothes from Mattel yet.  We've been trying to avoid doing so as much as possible.  So instead, we source their clothes from:
  1. local online sellers selling 2nd hand Barbie clothes (great as they are original Mattel and will only require a bit of washing if dirty),
  2. sourced directly from a China factory (which we did buy from only once and I swear, will never buy from ever again.  They are cheap but utter rubbish; majority did not even last us a day's play!),
  3. from a S$2 Japanese lifestyle store called Tokutokuya, (cheap and extremely durable), and
  4. if time permits, I DIY.
Doll clothes from Tokutokuya

Monday, September 4, 2017

SG | Saizeriya

You can never tell but this Italian restaurant has its roots in Japan.  Called Saizeriya,  this cozy restaurant sells affordable Italian cuisine. 

Monday, August 28, 2017

SG | Irvins Salted Egg Potato and Fish Skin Chips

I must admit, after my 1st taste of a salted egg potato chip a few months back, I have been a bit hesitant of trying out another one of those things (read about my The Golden Duck's Salted Egg Yolk Potato Chip review here).

In a nutshell, my previous experience was nothing much to hark about and left me feeling solely cheated (these salted egg chips don't come cheap, you know!)  So imagine my surprise when the Husband brought back home a bag of the same kind of chips.  This time, though, it came from Irvins.

Monday, August 21, 2017

SG | Jamie's Italian

Singapore does not lack of celebrity chefs opening shop here.  Jamie Oliver is no exception.  This well-known British chef has brought his Jamie's Italian brand to the good people of the Lion City back in 2013.

Monday, July 31, 2017

CRAFTY | Slyvanian Family Decor on the Cheap

The Husband, on the belief that every little girl would love to own a doll house of her very own and acting on the stories I've told him from when I was younger (hint: I've never had one 😁), saw a Sylvanian Families Cosy Cottage Starter Home set on sale and bought one for the Daughter when she was 2.

Monday, July 24, 2017

SG | Carol Mel Cafe

My work is located in a small industrial area in Singapore.  Not really in the Central Business District (CBD), but still considered a bit in the Central area.

Now there are definitely advantages to this.  Mainly is that I can eat lunch on the cheap.  Compared to the Husband, whose office is located right smack in the CBD area and whose lunch costs anywhere from S$10.00 to 15.00 (approx Php340.00 to 510.00), my lunch can cost as little as S$3.00 (Php102.00).

This is all fine and well most of the time; but there are days when I'm craving for a bit more variety (and am in a slightly more generous mood).  In cases like these, I head on over to The Commerz building (about 3 blocks from the office) and grab a bite from one of the restaurants there.

It was on one particularly generous mood (that plus the Husband meeting me on those rare occasions for weekday lunch together) that we decided to try Carol Mel cafe.

SG | Toast Box Ham and Cheese Set

Breakfast is an indulgence for me.  Mainly because I am super lazy to have breakfast.  But when I do, there is no better start to your morni...