Monday, September 25, 2017

SG | Chir Chir 치르치르

Is it just me or does it seem there are a lot of Korean chicken places sprouting up here in Singapore?  Case in point, Chir Chir 치르치르.

Pronounced "Chi-Re Chi-Re", Chir Chir 치르치르 is a Seoul-based restaurant known for their delicious chicken.

The Family had lunch here by accident (opting to dine here as the original place we were hoping to have our meal in was crazy crowded); but as they say, there is always a silver lining under every dark cloud.  And our experience with Chir Chir 치르치르 was surprisingly pleasant; a true silver lining.

First off, you will have to understand that Chir Chir 치르치르 markets itself to the younger crowd (ahem... not saying I am no longer a part of this demographic 😂) and their menu clearly shows this.

Apparently in Korea, the youngsters prefer the casual dining experience of having chicken and beer, a culture they call Chimaek (chi for chicken and maek from maekju/beer), hence at Chir Chir 치르치르, chicken and their beer/cocktails are the stars of this show.

But as we are (relatively) "young" parents of a 6-year old kid, we opt to forego the beer and instead have rice and of course, veggies to turn it into a more appropriate child-friendly meal.

Our corn salad was a bit measly in size, but it did in come under a promotion (only added a few dollars for it).  ☺

Off to one of the main courses, of which we had Honey Butter Chicken (S$28.90/Php982.60). A dish of boneless chicken pieces that comes with potato wedges, rice cakes (!) and a special honey butter sauce.

The menu warns that this is highly addictive.  And I would have to agree.  It is delightfully sweet and savoury at the same time.  Pair it with the fried rice cakes, and it is pure heaven.

Next we have their Garlic Roasted Chicken (S$32.90/Php1,118.60) which came with a baked potato, egg and spicy garlic sauce.

The chicken pieces here are bigger than the first dish (and isn't boneless).  It is tender and juicy and accompanied with the potato, makes for one hearty meal.

The menu itself states that their dishes are good enough for 2 people, but believe me, it was not so.  We were a party of 3 adults and 1 child and a platter would have been more than enough for us.  But I'm not complaining as it was quite an enjoyable meal.  😃

Will definitely eat here again!


Chir Chir 치르치르
133 New Bridge Road
Singapore 059413

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