Monday, September 11, 2017

CRAFTY | My DIY Barbie Closet

The Daughter has started playing with Barbie dolls and as a consequence, has started bugging me for clothes and accessories for her little friends.

Now any parent of a little girl knows how ridiculously expensive Barbie doll clothes are.  In fact, a simple dress and shoe set can cost as much as the Daughter's own set of clothes!

I don't blame the Daughter, though, as as a kid, it was one of the things I myself enjoyed playing with (The only difference was I was lucky that an aunt gifted me with a box full of Barbie doll clothes, shoes and accessories for Christmas, hence the Parentals didn't need to buy me some.  😁)

We've not bought the Daughter any brand new Barbie clothes from Mattel yet.  We've been trying to avoid doing so as much as possible.  So instead, we source their clothes from:
  1. local online sellers selling 2nd hand Barbie clothes (great as they are original Mattel and will only require a bit of washing if dirty),
  2. sourced directly from a China factory (which we did buy from only once and I swear, will never buy from ever again.  They are cheap but utter rubbish; majority did not even last us a day's play!),
  3. from a S$2 Japanese lifestyle store called Tokutokuya, (cheap and extremely durable), and
  4. if time permits, I DIY.
Doll clothes from Tokutokuya

Silicone shoes from Tokutokuya

Slowly but surely, the Daughter's collection of Barbie clothes started to grow to the extent that a more organized way of storing them (aside from stuffing them all in a plastic bag) was already in order.

Now like anything Mattel, a Barbie closet is also expensive.  A brand-new set can cost as much as S$60 (Php2,040)!  😒  So I again turn into a DIY-er to solve this dilemma (that plus a few well-appointed pieces from the local Daiso).

The end result?

A bigger and more spacious Barbie closet with compartments for everything.

And the best part is, the whole thing only cost S$24 (Php816).  Once the Daughter outgrows this, we can simply take the whole thing apart and use the individual pieces for various needs.  😊

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