Monday, September 4, 2017

SG | Saizeriya

You can never tell but this Italian restaurant has its roots in Japan.  Called Saizeriya,  this cozy restaurant sells affordable Italian cuisine. 

Concept is simple enough.  You can choose to order your mains and drinks as is, or order your mains with a salad and drink set (add S$2.80/Php95.20) for a small plate of salad and free flow drinks.

Now, I'm all for affordability.  Considering the cost of living here in the Lion City is pretty high, dining establishments like this are heaven-sent.  But is it really worth it?

Case in point.  For this particular visit, we had the Curry Chicken Baked Rice (S$5.90/Php200.60).  Warning, dish is hot (both the plate and the curry sauce.  😁)  I love the curry sauce.  The cheese complements the sauce quite well. 

Be warned though, on some days, you rarely get more than 4 pieces of chicken for the whole dish.  On worse days, you get raw chicken (which happened to us twice).  😢

For the Husband, it is pasta.  Their Mushroom Spinach Cream Pasta (S$6.90/Php234.60), to be exact.

Pasta is al dente but sauce is a bit bland.  We usually add in tons of Parmesan cheese to this dish (which is a good thing that Saizeriya provides unlimited servings of).

Our Pepperoni pizza thankfully came out ok.  Slightly spicy pepperoni with mozzarella cheese on thick dough.

Our verdict?  I have to say its a hit-and-miss thing.  Affordable and palatable.  Ok if you want to eat on the cheap.  



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