NOTE:  This page is still under construction.  Will be filling this up bit by bit since I have a lot of blogs I that I follow.  =)

Blogging has indeed opened up a whole new world for me.  Blogs are entertaining, informative and I love getting lost in them for hours on end.

Here are just a few that I follow..

[I am a Dekaphobic]
A Heart Full of Love
Akira and Everything Nice
As Told by Karla
At Wit's End
Before I Turn 25
Before the Eastern Sunset
Blog ni Ako
Chew on This
Chic and Sassy Homemaker
Choose Happiness
Dessert Comes First
Dollhouse Diary
Dress Me Up Buttercup
Enjoy the Journey
Eye Candy
Foodie from the Metro
Foodie's Haven
iHeart Good Health
Ivan About Town
LAKAD Pilipinas
Joei and Me
Life's Simple Pleasures
Live Life, Work Hard, Party Like Crazy...
Love, Your 30something Mom
Mel's Hidden Passions
Memoirs of a Sassy Girl
Michi Photostory
Munchy Crunchy
Musings of Wild Butterfly
My Gorgeous Pink Cheeks
My Rocking Cradle
Not Just a Food Blog
Our Awesome Planet
Pinay Reviewer
Pinay Travel Junkie
Pink Magaline
Pretty Ugly
Relax and Please your Tastebuds
Ring my Bell, Isabel
Sapphire Mommy
Sound of Life
Spanish Pinay
Suburban Girl
Sunny Toast
Sunset Goddes Manila
The Pepperific Life
The Purple Doll
Tsinoy Foodies
Wander Woman
Wonder Woman Rises
YedyLicious Food Blog
Zai Moonchild

BC Bloggers Links
  • Mommy Diary - Not your average mommy's diary
  • What's Hot Manila - Everything that's hot in Manila
  • Sweety Paula - Life is as sweet as I make it!
  • WAHM sa Pinas - Work at home mom in the Philippines
  • Happy Thoughts - Life Life, Live Happy
  • Dadedidodu - All about being a Dad!
  • Celebrity Diary - Celebrity, beauty, fashion, and make up
  • Chromatic Note - Notes of our lives
  • Handy Reviews - Handy reviews on everything that matters
  • It's All About Life - Beauty, make up, fashion, and more
  • Blogaholic Mom - I heart blogging
  • Tara, Let's Eat! - A blog about my everyday foodie adventures - be it about food trips, testing recipes in my kitchen, or food events in and around the Metro (and sometimes beyond)
  • Nanay Blogs - Views of a working weekend mom
  • JeanBeltran - It's all about sharing because sharing is loving
  • Free Scrapbooks - This is a free digital scrap book site.  Everything is free to download for personal use.
  • Mei Chagas - A personal blog of a student who shares about her experiences in life, in school and everything that is happening around her.
  • Hobbytat - Hobbytat is about the things we love to do in our pastime or even not. :D
  • Momma Helps - Being a mother for so long, I have learned so many things in life I want to share with my readers.  Lessons that are not always found in books but learned through actual experiences.
  • Mom's VillageA family blog
  • Joy's FlairA personal blog that talks about lifestyle, fashion, beauty, reviews and opinions of a stay-at-home Mom
  • Pasanin Sa Buhay - Life, politics, etc.
  • the kulasa approach - My blog is about point of views and my interests.  This includes sharing information on both the local and international alternative music scene.  Along with these, I share my experiences about life whenever I'm alone or and with my loved ones.
  • A Woman's NoteA mom's thoughts about life experiences, family journey and parenting.
  • Hot Stuff MommaA fashion blog
  • My Ideal HomeA blog that talks about home improvement
  • Keen Writers - This blog is a collaboration of ideas…not confined to: politics, arts, blogging, technology and anything else under the sun.
  • Orange Nipa - Notes on people, creations and places we travel to, across the Philippines and Asia
  • The Life Encounters - An online diary of a WAHM.  Contains anything under the sun from rants, raves, musings, reviews, etc.  A place where adventures and misadventures in life are documented.
  • Home Garden Bay - A simple guide to DIY home improvement and landscaping.  It highlights DIY home energy, repair and maintenance, and other home innovation ideas.
  • Shopfabholic - Shopfabholic wants you to shop until you're fabulous. It provides helpful shopping information such as online promotions, deals and discounts, sale alerts, best buy tips, and even the latest trends! Shopping Has Never Been This Fabulous.
  • E-Travelizer - An online travel resource which provides an overview of must-visit places.  Also features recommended hotels and beaches, travel promos and the world's beautiful tourist spots.
  • My Health and Home - Health and Home -- two of the most important things in life.  One must be healthy to enjoy life and live it to the fullest every single day.  Know what is best for you and your loved ones whether it is about exercise, food or treatment for a disease.
  • Spell Fashion! - An online resource for every fashionable chick, guy and geek.  In short, this is the home of fashion-setters and attention-getters.  Everyone should spell fashion with excitement and conviction!
  • SEO Cyborg - SEO Cyborg will be the upcoming wonder machine for search engine optimization.  It provides SEO tips and tricks to improve SERP and Page Rank.  Increase traffic and sales with guaranteed white-hat strategies.
  • SEO and Link Building Guide - Know more about linking guidelines at SEO and Link Building Guides.  Find helpful information about backlinks, search engine optimization and other blogging tips.
  • The Finance DepotA collection of marketing, financial and business ideas.  It provides both quick and long-term business solutions in the form of cash or other alternatives.  It also tackles passive income in the form of mutual funds, bonds, stocks and other related investments.
  • Dreams and Journey - A virtual diary of my journey through life, love and dreams in one.
  • {lowfat} diaries - LOW in Fat but HIGH in adventure.  This blog has nothing to do with diets and weight loss nor about recipes but you’ll find a lot of good restos here, local and international.  Join me as I travel the Philippines and hopefully one day, the whole world. Who’s in for the ride?
  • {cherry} everyday - This is where I write about my challenges in the kitchen and elsewhere. Yes, again, I’ll attempt to challenge myself everyday.  I may falter. I may not be able to do it right but you can be sure that I’ll try to do the challenge every single day.
  • {cherrylikes} - {cherry} likes is a catalog of great and interesting finds from the world wide web and around the world.  {cherry} is a mom with a major spending problem.
  • Maan - My daily grind, snippets of my life in Singapore.
  • Christine's Favorites - A personal blog that I consider as a home for some of my ideas about food, parenting, family life and a whole lot more.  I will also talk about my work, my family, my love for food and of course my inspiration; my kids.
  • Miss Adventure - Musings of an undomestic goddess
  • Redlane Geraine - The Other Side of Me
  • Life's Tips And Tricks - A personal blog where I share my ideas, experiences, feelings, and the joys and thrills of being a woman, a friend, a Mom, a colleague, and an expat.
  • Movie Drama Addict - A blog that talks about old and new movies, the korean drama wave and everything about Hyun Bin.  A site where you can find reviews and opinions on the latest trends on the world of movie and entertainment; news and where everything drama can be found.
  • Living the Beauty of Life - My random thoughts on parenting, money matters, food, health, news and current events.
  • TechieKids - A blog of a not-so-techie mom about her techie kids and husband, their gadgets and favorite games.
  • Me.Mirage - A journal of adventures down the exciting road of motherhood, married life and a woman discovering herself.
  • Vienna and Beyond - Where to go beyond adventures, stories within and outside an enchanting city.
  • Travel Plans - Traveling with the kids, one city at a time.
  • KnowYourTune - An attempt to be thrifty, stretch the budget and save up some money.
  • When Silence Speaks - Thoughts of a blogging ex-OFW mom.
  • El Oweini's Life - Jhari's online journal.  She writes about her family, her experiences as a mom of 2 girls, and shares her passion for digital scrapbooking.
  • The 3rd Abode: Fashion - A blog about fashion trends, her type of clothes, bags and shoes.  Its a girl thing.
  • Septembercharm - A personal blog
  • MommyGiay - A blog about life's celebrations as a mother.  It shares stories of my son's growing up moments.  My personal interest in joining online contests and everything in-between.
  • Kero's Celebration - A personal blog on the adventures of an expatriate life.
  • Fashion & Travel Siren - Fabulous Clothes, Fancy Beauty Tricks, Frivolous Holidays!
  • Coffee, Pearls, and A View - A celebration of fashion, shopping, lifestyle, and everything red-hot!
  • Online Istariray - Beauty and beyond
  • Clumsy Clariss - You name it, it's almost there.
  • Hawaiian Cruise - Your online resource to hawaiian cruises
  • Maid of Honor Dress - Your online guide to choosing your maid-of-honor's dress
  • Pink Spree - A personal journal
  • American Idol - American Idol guide
  • Zykies - A personal journal
  • That's Life - Life thoughts, hits, and misses

  • Mommy Diary - Not your average mommy's diary
  • Sweety Paula - Personal journal
  • Dadedidodu - Daddy blog
  • WAHM sa Pinas - work-at-home mom in the Philippines
  • Happy Thoughts - Happy thoughts, happy tot
  • Hobbies and Everything - Blogging is one of my hobbies. This is a blog about hobbies and anything that satisfies my blogging hobby.
  • When Vanity Speaks - Health, Beauty and Fashion. See the latest tips on Fashion and Beauty care in one click.
  • My Charmed Mom - My thoughts about motherhood and parenting and everything else in between. This also showcases and features products and services which I strongly believe in.
  • Of Limes and Lemons - The sweet and sour combination of life's experiences documented in one personal blog.
  • Our Funarena - This is a forum for exchanging thoughts, opinions and funny experiences . This site also keeps you updated on news, articles, sports and entertainment relating mainly to India -- our home!
  • Janaki Diary - The diary of a working mom who takes care of her family, her career, herself. Loves to share her thoughts, dreams and talents in her own little way.
  • Free Scrapbooks For Keeps - This is a free digital scrapbook site. You are free to download everything for personal use.
  • Josie's Files - Health, beauty and fashion at your fingertips
  • Traveler's FootSteps - This blog talks about my travel experiences, getaways, places I want to see and more about travel.
  • Life's a Wheel - This is a personal blog which covers almost everything that I want to write about, from people, to events, to family to daily musings in life.  My blog is already 2 years old, made and written out of the desire of writing and just capturing precious moments in this life.
  • The Unstressed - Life is wonderful. People just make it complicated. While I am not immune to problems and worries, I try to not dwell too much on the negative so I can see the brighter side of life. This is me. The traveler. The dreamer. The storyteller.
  • Truly Rich Mom - The blog is contains a mother's reflections and tips for enriching one's faith, family life and finances (and everything else in between!) There are also tips, recommendations and posts about topics like homeschooling, breastfeeding, babywearing, homeschooling, mission life.
  • Marissa Blogs - Random musings of a single mom who loves eating out, listening to music and blogging.
  • Manilenya Mom - Random musings of a single mom who loves eat-outs, listening to music and blogging.
  • Bloggin' Riza - Random musings of a single mom who loves eat-outs, listening to music and blogging.
  • Fudgy and Nutty - This started out as a personal blog. Eventually, I turned it into a blog that provides life tips for workers, freelancers, etc. Tips on almost anything workers face in their jobs and work environment as well as in going up the career ladder.
  • Health Vial: All About Health - Health Vial is an online resource for those wishing to live a healthy lifestyle.
  • Fashion Halls: Walk with Fashion - Fashion Halls does not only highlight fashion models. It is all about everyday fashion. Talks about fashionable shoes, bags, gowns and accessories.
  • Playful Babies: Online Resource for Baby Care, Kid's Toys and Children - Playful Babies is all about taking care of children. It has baby tips such as choosing the right toys, the right food, and some games to play with kids.
  • Gaming Zone - Game Reviews and Recommendations - Gaming Zone is not just about playing video games. It includes all sort of games such as trading card games (MTG), online games (RPG and MMORPG), flash and computer games.
  • Chocolate, Muffin and Pastries - Chocolate is one of my favorite comfort foods. It's sweet and delicious thus making it the most perfect food flavoring. This site is all about everything made of chocolate! Have a sweet day!
  • Top Keywords for SEO - Keywords on Top is about ranking higher in search engine results pages and getting more traffic to your site. Target the right keywords and apply the best SEO strategies to achieve your SERP goal.
  • SEO Tops Sites and Links - Top Linking Sites aims to deliver quality backlinks. To be on top, you must know the SEO secret. Link with Top Linking Sites to be updated with the latest link building strategies and SEO techniques.
  • SEO Robot - SEO Robotic can help you match with the new Google Panda algorithm. It provides the best SEO practices that will enhance your SERP and increase your Page Rank.
  • Daily Home Garden - Daily Home Garden is your DIY online resource. It provides information about home improvement, repair and maintenance. You can find the best home repair tools for every situation here and more DIY tips.
  • Enlisted Blogs - Exclusive Blog Directory - Highlights Liz's blogs and more of her friends' sites.
  • Earn Online with Mom - It's an avenue of my own struggle towards life.
  • Tinkerputt's Turf - A personal blog of a simple woman wishing for a simple life in this complicated world. A blog about working at home, parenting, and life in general
  • Celebrity Diary - Celebrity, beauty, fashion, and make up
  • Chromatic Note - Notes of our lives
  • Handy Reviews - Handy reviews on everything that matters
  • It's All About Life - Beauty, make up, fashion, and more
  • Blogaholic Mom - I blog
  • Hawaiian Cruise - Your online resource to Hawaiian cruises
  • Maid of Honor Dress - Your online guide to choosing your maid of honor dress
  • Pink Spree - A personal journal
  • What's Hot Manila - Everything that's hot in Manila
  • American Idol - American Idol guide
  • Zykies - A personal journal
  • That's Life - A personal journal
  • Marcy Goes Gaga - Marcy Goes Gaga is a blog that chronicles the life of a creative industry slave. Get to see what goes on in the industry, and the events that happen behind the scenes. Marcy also talks about her life and shares with us her plus size style, music, photography and a lot more!
  • Home Sweet Home - This blog is about home decorating ideas, home care tips, house designs, home financing, great finds and a lot more.
  • Jane Mayen - I talk about my personal life in my blog. I blog about my current relationship status, engaged-long distance relationship. I showcase my DYI (crafts), travel and adventures, and life in general.
  • Simple Happiness - Life is what we make it, love it, live it and enjoy it. This blog is about parenting, motherliness, and sharing my daughter’s adventure in life.
  • [i am a dekaphobic] - Food and restaurant reviews from a 23-year-old yuppie featuring different cuisines from different restaurants around the metro. Sometimes features books and movies and random thoughts from the blogger.
  • Mommy Diary - Work-at-home mom's diary
  • Giavanne"s Gem - Fashion, Beauty, Skincare, Style Trends
  • LBD and Onesies - A personal blog about the everyday escapades of a young mom. ;)  It features fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and anything under the sun.
  • GeriLen Elinessete - It’s all about anything under the sun -- from my everyday rants to surreal make up and fashion fantasies.  Here is where I share the books I read, where I pig-out, places I’ve been and a lot more in between!  At the end of the day, this is where I pour my girlish dreams after hours of demanding analytical work.
  • Nica Franz World - Thoughts in words of a stay at home mom.  All endeavors and adventures experienced by the whole family.  What it is like to love and be loved by everyone around you.
  • The Harassed Mom and Her Food Journey - Quick kitchen recipes for the harassed mom
  • Dozen Daybreak - Teacher.  Lifestyle blogger.  Pampanga adventurer.  Hobby writer.  Nail polish addict.  Health conscious.  Music lover.  Foodie.  Kpop fangirl.  Lovable girlfriend.
  • RemakeStyle - RemakeStyle -- your daily dose of fashion, style, makeup, lifestyle, and product reviews.
  • A Woman's Story - A blog about women and the roles we play.
  • Postcard Trail - My blog is all about my travels of here and there.  Now my post are about the place I am living in -- Abu Dhabi.
  • My Kimcheed Life - Blogging about life in Zamboanga, my family, work, interests, worries, and what nots.  It's basically where I talk about anything and everything only to end up blabbing.
  • Posts by Jen - A Pinay mom's blog about spiritual learnings, family life, designs and projects from her work as an architect/designer in Manila and Dubai.
  • Ohh That! - A Woman's Lifestyle Blog featuring Tin's collection of 'lil extra ordinary things that made her say "Ohh that!"
  • sounds funny and the not so funny - This blog site was created to bring out everything that is interesting and interestingly funny and even the not so funny things in our everyday lives.  This blog includes important current events, celebrations, reviews, food stuff, technologies, music, family, relationships and so on with the blogger’s personal views.
  • miss JHENZ - Shows how a woman should embody beauty in herself inside and out.  Just enjoy life and be who you are!
  • Chronicles of Princess Ayu - This is my personal blog with my shuffled collections of memories, stories, and fantasies.
  • Stage Mom and More - I'm a doting mom to my energetic toddlers and a stage mother to my Dance Sport kids.  I blog about my adventures, my thoughts and my dreams. 
  • Of Bows and Frilss - This is my personal blog where I tell the stories of my every memorable experiences.  I also include recent songs, the sports I play, and the places I've been to.  This is also the place where I put shout outs to people which I can't say upfront.
  • Adventures of a Dilettante Single Mom - Just a collection of random thoughts of a single mom.  Striving to share and learn new things!
  • Vanessa's - Le Journal - Digital thoughts of mine, art, music and full of randomness.
  • Sugar Plums and Lollipops - I am a blogger of food, decor, books and all things girly!
  • Not Just Silly Thoughts - Not Just Silly Thoughts is my attempt at a fresh start in blogging.  This will be all about me.  My interests, my ideas, my adventures and misadventures.  Let me regale you with my stories in life.
  • My Nurturing Thoughts - A personal blog.  Just looking for my happy place.
  • Lupet Blog - My personal blog.  A collection of stuff I'm interested in.
  • Steps on Air - Travels and all other tales taking place in between them.
  • In My Loving Arms - Parenting
  • Mommy Practicality - A blog about motherhood, parenting, family, relationships, children, travel, food & product encounters, and practical tips for working and stay-at-home moms alike.
  • The World of Ups and Downs - My blog is titled as The World of Ups and Downs.  It is about everything that happened in my life, the learning, experiences and more. :)
  • 26 with 4 Kids - Sharing motherhood experiences
  • Online Mommy's Corner - This is a chronicle of my motherhood, faith, and anything that comes in between :)
  • Duke's Better Half - Bits and pieces of me: what I do, what I think and all about my experiences.
  • Pinoy Nanay - A woman's journey through life with dialysis and kidney disease.  Posts about parenting and special children.
  • Oh! MomMy - This blog is designed to encourage parents especially hands on moms like me.  This aims to share personal experiences being a wife, mother, a friend and being just a woman.
  •  I Write About - A site about personal reviews and a blogger's thoughts
  • Extraordinaryjourney - My blog tells about my personal story and opinions about anything that interests or annoys me.
  • Walk of Life - Mother's feeling being away from kids
  • Of Dreams, Love and Faith - Dream More.  Love More.  Believe More.
  • Rainbow Treats - Loving food and living life one restaurant at a time 
  • Davao Mommy - This is the personal blog of a grammar crusader from Davao turned work-at-home mommy.
  • Mama Is Working - A chronicle of a working mom's challenges and triumphs.  It tackles issues such as parenting, kids' schooling, and family values.
  • Big Histrionic Fashion - My blog is all about fashion, reinventions of dresses and accessories, and daily wear reviews and advices.  It aims to empower plus size women from teens to moms.
  • Crazy Beautiful Life of Karen - This blog talks about my profession, life and love adventures.  I'm a NURSE.  A hopeless romantic.  Waiting for MR. RIGHT to come along at the right time and place.  I have a passion for culinary and arts.  Love travels and adventures.  And most of all PHOTOGRAPHY interests me much!
  • Swirls and Scribbles - She blogs about mysteries in her world.  She loves photography, food, fashion, and to travel at the same time.  Follow her adventures to unveil surprises life will offer.
  • Momaye's Diary - A Diary of a Chemist and a Blogger Mom
  • My Mushings - A site about home and living ideas
  • Home and Living Ideas  
  • Kaleidoscopic Psyche
  • El Oweini's Life - Personal blog slash online journal about the awesome and not-so-awesome randomness of my life and it's beautiful benches.  Basically a mix of my mental blocks, my little miss, photography, DIYs, arts & literature, and a pint of fashion what nots.
  • online chances - My journey.  My life.  My words.
  • The Harassed Mom's Food Journey - Quick kitchen recipes for the harassed mom.
  • Chemist Dad - A blog  of a chemist by profession, husband by heart and father by choice.
  • Mommy Unwired - Everything's the matter 
  • Daddy Yashiro's Journal - A Pinoy Daddy Blogger who blogs about his experiences in life, parenting, and kid's stuff!

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