Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hits and Misses at Mann Hann

Mann Hann has a lot of great eats to offer.  What started out as a grocery store, has slowly evolved into one the well-known Chinese restaurants in the Metro.  In fact, it's one of the places our family frequents whenever we find ourselves out together for lunch or dinner (extended family included ☺). 

There are, however, a few hits and misses.

Mann Hann

Spicy Spareribs (Php250)

Spicy spareribs

I recall this being called "salt and pepper spareribs" a few years back.  Admittedly, I didn't like the old version.  It was just too salty for my taste.  But my dad absolutely loves this.  It's his all-time favorite.  He can even finish one order in a sitting.

The new version though (the "spicy spareribs"), is better in my my book.  Not too salty and a tad spicy.  Good combination.

Pata Tim (Php390)

Pata Tim

I love pata tim.  And, in my opinion, Mann Hann serves one of the bestSweet with the meat falling off the bone (drolling here...)  Enough said.  ☺

Chami (Php245)


A dish made of Chami noodles, vegetables and an assortment of seafood.  Mann Hann also adds squidballs and kikiam to their version.  I'm not usually that particular with this dish, excect IF we have this at Mann Hann's Market! Market! branch, where it surprisingly is more appetizing in my book.  But it's also the padir's fave, so order it we must.  ☺

Yang Chow Fried Rice (Php250)

Now this I highly recommend.  Mann Hann serves one of the best Yang Chow fried rice I've had so far.  Its not too oily (good) with adundant toppings of meat, egg and spring onions (great!).  The nephew loves this to bits and usually eats it as is, even without any type of accompanying viand.

Sago Gulaman (Php80)

Order their Sago Gulaman, but only at their Market! Market! or Mall of Asia branches.  I've had inconsistent orders at some of their other locations.

In addition...

Mann Hann aims to serve tasty Chinese dishes at affortable prices.  It might be a matter of perspective but I think this place is pretty darn expensive.  Orders are usually meant for sharing though, around 2 to 3 pax. So I guess that more or less makes up for the price.

It's also good that they increased their serving sizes a bit.  Unlike 2 years ago, when we first started  frequently eating here.

Also be wary about some of their branches with slow service.  There are branches where food is brought in bit by bit, with a significant time lapse in between.  We've also had the misfortune of waiting 15 minutes for our bill (happened twice in 2 different branches).

All in all, I'd say Mann Hann is a hit and miss thing.  There are definitely good days where the food and service is spectacular.  Consistency, in the good sense, really needs to improve.  ☺


To learn more about Mann Hann, please visit the Mann Hann Restaurant facebook page.


  1. will try those next time we go there :)

  2. Mann Hann is a classic. Food is reliable but it can usually be ruined by slow service. There are some who say that the service in the megamall branch is better than in the J. Abad Santos branch in San Juan. But I really like the ambiance of J. Abad branch :) Just don't go there for Sunday lunch or dinner :)

  3. @kath: The patatim's really good. =)

    @The Sunset Goddess: Really? I wonder why this resto's service isn't consistent. Tsk!


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