Saturday, October 1, 2011

Does Size Really Matter? (Size Matters Flame-Grilled Sausage Burgers)

Does size really matter?  ☺

Well, that's what the people behind Size Matters Flame-Grilled Sausage Burgers seem to think so. 

Does size really matter?

In an economy where competition is fierce, more and more establishments apparently choose to bank on the size of their offerings in a bid to one up others selling the same product.  This also seems to be the philosophy behind one of the newest burger chains to hit the Metro -- Size Matters Flame-Grilled Sausage Burgers.

To be quite honest, I prefer flavor over size.  But at first impresssion, the name and products Size Matters offer does appeal to me.  Anything you place with the words "grilled" and "sausage", I'm definitely all for it!

So when the opportunity came for me to sample their ¼lb. Hungarian sausage burger (Php125), high expectations were what I had, to say the least.
Lets start with what I did like:
1. Size Matters burgers are made from pork, unlike other chains offering theirs made of beef.  It's quite different and is a refeshing change.
2. I prefer my burger the non-greasy variety, hence the reason for my penchance for frame-grilled meats.  Size Matters greatly delivered in this category. 
3. Add fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and -- is that caramelized onions I see? ☺ -- makes for one great combo in my book.

Size Matters' ¼lb. Hungarian sausage burger

4. An oat bun seals the deal and you have me in burger heaven!

You can see the oats on this thing! 

There is one thing I find a little disturbing though.  My burger was seasoned with a little too much salt.  Other than that though (maybe be also due to the fact that they are sausages), their burgers are ok.

Size Matters also offers  ½ sausage pounders selling for Php199 a piece which also comes in Hungarian, Italian Garlic and Breakfast varieties (same as the ¼lb kind.)
If you're used to seeing your sausages in the traditional manner, then they also have 6 to 12-inch dogs selling for Php149 to 249 respectively.  Also available in Hungarian, Italian Garlic, Schublig and Kielbasa.

A Size Matters sausage


To learn more about Size Matters, please visit the Size Matters Sausage burgers facebook page here.


  1. I'll definitely visit the store asap. :) I enjoyed the burger, rather I devoured the burger! :) Oh, sad, I missed your PvZ giveaway. :(

  2. Yum! Pag ako kumain ng burger kailangan may mayo, mustard at ketchup! hehehe!

  3. looks delish! gusto ko rin ng caramelized onions.. :)

  4. Looks yummy. The last time I ate a burger was 3 months ago. :-p I'm suddenly craving for one tuloy.

  5. i love burger! this is one of my comfort food.nagutom ako bigla sa post mo :)

  6. @Des: It is yummy! Don't worry, join my next giveaways na lang. Hehehe! =)

    @anney: Pareho tyo! Its a good combo kasi right? Most people I know don'e even like mustard. =)

    @kath: Me too! I love cooked onions. I don't know why a lot of people don't like them. =)

    @Aria: That's too long for me, sis. Hehehe! Give in to your cravings. =)

    @Sapphire Mommy (Mommy Jo): Me too! Junk food heaven kasi. Hehehe! =)


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