Monday, October 3, 2011

This One's Definitely ForMe...

ForMe has been my go-to shop for most of my clothing needs.  In fact, some of my favorite pieces are from this store.

Me at Singapore's Chinese and Japanese Garden wearing
my fave pair of jeans from ForMe

My fave maroon top also from ForMe

The one great thing that has kept me going back to this store again and again is because of this:

Taken from the ForMe website.

ForMe believes that every woman is unique.  Each one of us falls under 1 of the 4 different body types, meaning what works for one may not flatter the other.  The trick is to know exactly what your type is.  ☺

Luckily, ForMe has this down pat,  providing suggestions on what flatters women of every shape and size.


And now, another great design from ForMe

ForMe's Multiway Top
(photo taken from the ForMe official facebook page)

Have you ever found yourself in a fashion rut?  Tired of the old clothes?  Wished you had more options but have a limited budget? 

Well, ForMe's Multiway Top (Php1,098) will definitely solve all your fashion dilemmas!  All you need is a little creativity and viola!  One versatile clothing to rule all.  ☺

Multiway Tops are now available at all ForMe branches nationwide.


To learn more about ForMe and their clothes, please visit their site at or their facebook and twitter page.


Having a hard time determining your body type?  Head on over to the ForMe website to learn how.  ☺


  1. Bumibili din ako sa For Me! Cute namn ng multiway top na yan! 3 colors lang kaya ang available?

  2. wow! ganda ng multiway top nila :)

  3. @anney: Hmmm...that I'm not so sure. I'll have to check it out in theri store one of these days. =)

    @Aria: So versatile right? So nice. =)

    @kath: Yup. Been hearing a lot of women wanting this since its so versatile. =)

  4. I visited the site and I fell inlove with their designs! I must visit one of the stores when we get to visit pinas!!

    Spanish Pinay

  5. @Spanish Pinay: They sell really great clothes. Plus I love their jeans. It always fits me right. =)


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