Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kameraman Photos-to-Go: Changing the Way we View Photobooths.

Like a lot of recently married couples, Hubby and I also opted to have a photo booth during our wedding reception.  It's a genius invention, in my opinion. 

Rather than providing our guests with souvenirs that would most probably gather dust in some remote corner of their homes, we decided that photos were the best choice -- you have a remembrance of our special day plus you most probably won't be throwing it away since your faces are plastered all over it.  ☺

Our photo souvenir

The usual set-up of a photo booth would most probably look like this...

My friends and I hamming it up for the cam. 

With the end result looking like this...

And although find nothing wrong with this set-up, I did notice that there were instances when some of our guests were not able to have their photos taken as much as they would want.  Mainly because there were just too many people in line.   A pity really since we paid for unlimited shots.

Well, Kameraworld has just the solution to this problem.

Introducing, Kameraman photos-to-go:  the walking, talking photo booth!  ☺

The walking, talking photo booth

No more long lines.  No need for backdrops.  Kameraman photo-to-go acts as a human photo booth, going around the venue and taking snapshots of your guests.  Photos are printed out immediately through the attached printer at back with customized borders as well.

Not bad eh?
(photo taken from the Kameraman website)

All the convenience of a photobooth without the long lines and the wait.  How cool is that? 


To learn more about Kameraman photos-to-go, please visit their website at


  1. Yes sis, very nice indeed. Too bad this wasn't invented yet when I got married :)

    Though come to think of it, I still remember the fun time I created our wedding souvenir. Some may still want to do their own [souvenirs] to showcase their creative side and at the same time giving their gifts a personal touch.

  2. @michi and kath: Cool right? So unique. =)

    @PinayMom: I agree. I actaully DIYed our own invitations. Its a good way to destress. =)


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