Friday, October 28, 2011

Dessert Comes First's 1st Food Photography Workshop

I've always had a fascination with photographs.  In just a single click of the camera, a moment, a memory, evidence is captured for all eternity.  I've always believed that no one dies.  With photos, your print is forever etched in history, whether you're a superstar or an ordinary citizen.

Photography is a good, albeit very expensive, hobby, but the rewards, I believe, are well-worth it if it means knowing that the Little One will get to know about my life way before she was born.  Hence, reading photography books and attending seminars have greatly appealed to me if only to further harness my craft and creativity.

Quite recently, I was bowled over by none other than the master of food photography himself, Mr. Mark Floro, when I attended Ms. Lori Baltazar's Dessert Comes First (DCF) Food Photography Workshop.

Photo taken from the Dessert Comes First blog

To say that Ms. Lori Baltazar is the epitome of the ultimate food blogger is an understatement.  She writes well, takes great photos and knows her way around the best gastronomical treats that the Metro (and beyond) has to offer.

Lori Baltazar of Dessert Comes First fame

Add something food related to her name and you know foodies from all over the blogosphere will flock to it.  That's how influential she is.

Teaching the workshop is DCF's mentor, Mr. Mark Floro, one of the country's well-known food photographers of all time.

Mark Floro of Mark Floro Photography

Done in a funny and very hands-on fashion, the workshop taught us participants how to take more enticing food photos through the use of basic composition concepts, techniques and lighting.  I love his witty approach to photography and his very congenial manner.  He encourages you to ask questions and answers are always gladly provided.

We also had an afternoon-long photography shoot wherein we applied the basics that we were just taught.

M&Ms all in a bunch

Lunch (or what's left of it anyway)

I'm still practicing though.  And it's a looooonnngggg way before I can take a great shot like this:

One of Mr. Floro's gorgeous works

Oh!  And like all of DCF's events, great food was also presented to us for lunch and merienda.

Lunch was prepared by the famous Chef Ed Quimson.  Let's just say now I know why Mr. Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet searched him out.  Words could not express how delicious lunch was!  *burp*

Lunch catered by Chef Ed Quimson

Merienda was catered by the equally talented people behind The Room Upstairs.

Sandwiches, cookies and cakes, oh my!

Thank you again Ms. Lori Baltazar and Mr. Mark Floro for a wonderful session!  I can't wait for the next DCF workshop!  J


Lori Baltazar
Dessert Comes First

Mark Floro
Makr Floro Photography

Chef Ed Quimson
T   (+63) 916 6886247

The Room Upstairs
2nd Floor LRI Business Plaza,
210 N. Garcia St., Bel Air,
Makati City 1200 Philippines
T   (63) 2 899 9318


  1. Thanks for sharing this sis! I love photography as well, but had not taken any classes or workshop. If there are any photography workshops, please drop me a line on my blog. I would love to partake in one too :)

  2. i'm also interested in attending photography workshops but i don't have good camera yet. =)

  3. i'm sure, sis, you'll get the hang of it in no time. best of luck!

  4. Interesting! Ako mahilig talaga mag picture ng food. Di ako nag aral click lang ng click! lol! Sana makapag workshop din one of this days!

  5. ah, soon. soon. I'll have my own SLR camera too. teehee! <3 It's great to know you had a great time! :3

  6. @Sumi Go: Sure! No problem. =)

    @michi: Any camera will do. Its how you use it that's more important. =)

    @Wild Butterfly: Thanks! =)

    @anney: We're the same. I love food porn! Hehehe! =)

    @Love Love ♥: I love attending different lifestyle workshops. It keeps me busy. =)


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