Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Putting my War Face on: The Catwalk Cosmetics x Etude House Princess Make-up Workshop

NOTE: September was a really busy month for me.  Aside from adjusting to my new mommy role, I also found a little time to attend some workshops I found really interesting.  Expect a few backlogged entries as I will be posting about them in the following weeks to come.  ☺

I'll be the first to admit that I have no make-up application skills whatsoever.  Sure, order me to develop a sustenable Organizational Development program.  Easy peacey.  Ask me to sing a lovely tune?  In a snap!

But doing my own make-up?  This was not a part of my God-given skills.  I tremble at the thought!  BB creams confuse me.  Lipstick color leaves me staring into open space.  The only thing I can get away with with my way-below-par make-up skills is at the office, where you're usually required to and simple is indeed simple (or else a memo would come your way.  Hehehe!)  ☺

But like everything else, I knew this had to change.  I had to learn some time right?

And so when Marj Sia of The Traveling Heels blog and owner of Catwalk Cosmetics offered a half-day basic make-up workshop, I literally jumped at the chance; took it as a sign from God; and happily registered and paid for a slot.

Photo taken from The Traveling Heels blog.

Like a happy (and very enthusiastic) camper, I came prepared with what I did know (which isn't really much to begin with.  The proverbial clean and blank slate.) and for 4 very educational hours, was thought how to apply make-up without totally looking like a heavy made-up drag queen.  ☺

Our "instruments" of mass beautification.
The end results?  Here are some before and after shots...

Don't I look grand? 

Don't I look grand?  =D

I love how the workshop is open to only a limited number of people per batch.  Since this is a very hands-on seminar, it was nice to know that Marj was there to readily able to answer all our questions and to lend a helping hand (or 2).

Marj demonstrating the correct way to apply eye liner.

I wouldn't exactly call myself a pro at this yet.  Practice does make perfect but at least now I am armed.  ☺

We were also given a brief introduction to contact lenses by FreshLook.

The "eye" talk.

Helping out a contact lens "virgin."

Side note:  Did you know there are people who use their spit in cleaning their contact lenses?  Yuck city!

Participants were also treated with goody bags filled with Etude House, Freshlook, Cupcakes by Sonya, Lay Bare, Dove, City Delivery and Fashion Galore products.

Wow!  Free stuff!  Thank you, sponsors. 

Thanks Marj for a very informative and lovely afternoon!  =)


To learn more about Catwalk Cosmetics products and future workshops, please visit the Catwalk Cosmetics facebook page.


  1. I like makeup but I just do basics for now. I might have to try one of these workshops soon!

    You've got a very good loot from that workshop! I love the pink brushes!:)

  2. I'm a makeup artist but I wear minimal makeup, which is ironic. Applying face paint takes practice. You'll get there. :)

    You look lovely, by the way. :)

  3. is this a free workshop or u had to pay 4k? :)
    im also not an expert in makeup lolz

  4. Awww. Wish I had known about that one. Want to join a Majolica Majorca workshop at MOA on October 29? Let me know!

    Please join my giveaway, too, if you haven't yet:

  5. I love makeup and experimenting with them.. Though I personally wear minimal makeup when there's really no occasion.

    Anyway, you look gorgeous with and without makeup! :) And yay for so many good freebies!

  6. Hi, Jane. I gave you an award. It's in here:

  7. Wow....good to hear this Jane:) welcome to world of

    You look lovely and I love the hair fascinator:)

  8. @michi: Pareho tyo, sis. Heheh! But this workshop was really helpful. =)

    @Bee: Yup! I'm waiting for an event so I can test my newly acquired make-up skills. =)

    @Aria: Thanks, Aria. I think wearing only minimal make-up for everyday is the best. =)

    @aMz88: I paid for it. =)

    @WonderWoman: Marj holds make-up workshops from time to time. You can check out her blog for more details. =)

    I've love to attend, but Hubby will be here in the 29th and we'll be going on vacation. Maybe next time. =)

    @Sumi Go: Thank you. =)

    @Bee: Thanks, Bee. =)

    @SunnyToast: Thanks, SunnyToast. =)


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