Tuesday, October 11, 2011

GIVEAWAY ALERT: Polecats Manila Shows How Flexible They Can Be

It's not everyday that you meet people with the flexibility and the grace to do this...

Polecats Manila
(Photo taken from the Polecats Manila website)

Pole dancing is definitely one of the newest fitness craze to hit the Metro.  Not only does it develop your flexibility and stamina, it's also a very good form of exercise and I'm sure your man wouldn't mind watching you practice to your heart's content (*wink* *wink*) 

Seriously though, this new form of exercise is empowering women, and even men, of all ages and sizes building up that sensual confidence that we know everyone possesses.  And this is what the people behind Polecats Manila aim to do.

Touted as the premier pole fitness center in the Metro today, Polecats Manila was founded by a group of friends who got so frustrated in trying to locate a decent place that provides pole dancing sessions.  

They offer classes for both beginners and advanced students alike as well as a striptease and sensual groove class with instructors who are more than happy to assist you.  There's sure to be a session you can enjoy.

I had the priviledge of watching them perform a short scene from their upcoming show, Polarity, scheduled on October 16, 2011.  Here's a sneak peek. 

So whether you've been wanting to amp up the tigress in you or looking for a more unique form of exercise, then Polecats Manila is the one for you. 

For more informtaion about Polecats Manila, please visit their website (click here).


Now here's your chance to try out a Polecats Manila striptease or sensual groove class for free!

I will be raffling this off to one lucky reader who will get the chance to experience this invigorating and exciting class.

The voucher is good for any of the above mentioned classed to be conducted at the Polecats Manila main studio at Gen Studios, 3F Pearl Plaza, Pearl Drive, Ortigas Center.  Voucher is valid until December 2011.

To join, simply:

Don't forget to leave your name, e-mail address, FB and Twitter usernames, and your blog post's url in the comments section below so I know you're joining.  ☺

Contest ends on October 31, 2011 and like all my other giveaways, I will be mailing the prize to the winner

Get fit with Polecats Manila!


  1. didn't enter the contest, but this looks fab! thanks for visiting my site!=)

    Miss Macherie

  2. wee love to join but im from davao...

  3. @Macherie: Join ka. Its gonna m=be loads of fun. =)

    @leizle: Sayang! Will let you know if they hold a session in Davao soon. =)

  4. haha! i have a friend enrolled with polecats. now she climbs every street pole she sees. :P LOL! but seriously, poledancing seems to be addictive. it's not *bastos* and definitely something you'd want the missus to try. :P

  5. @bursky: Hehehe! I'm sure its because she really loves the sport. Good for her! =)

  6. Contest is over. Thanks for joining! Will be announcing the winner soon. =)

  7. That has always been my secret dream: to be a pole dancer! I must remember to sign up for a class. I hope I'll live to blog about it! :)


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