Monday, October 10, 2011

FAB FIND: Grab Travel Bag

The family has been using those recyclable shopping bags even before these became fashionable here in RP.  Originally introduced to us by a pair of Japanese friends as pasalubongs, mom and I immediately loved the concept and have been using these ecologically-friendly staples ever since.

Fast forward to the present day and you'll find almost a lot of shoppers becoming more aware of the environment, forgoing plastic bags in favor of their own reusable shopping carriers.  You see almost everyone carrying one everywhere.

Aside from being more eco-conscious, another reason for the popularity of these bags is the fact that these things now come in such cute designs.  It's enough to make you shout Kawaii!  Take the case of this new bag I just bought from SM.  =)

Grab travel bag in Harajuku design

A Grab travel bag!  Selling for Php249, this handy carrier is just what I need during those long, weekend shopping trips.  =)

Well, technically, this isn't a shopping bag but I would like to consider this as such for the following reasons:

1. It's roomy!  Big enough to fit all of your purchases.

2. It's made from the same material as those reusable shopping bags we see nowadays, except thicker.  A plus in my book since I've been a victim of a slasher who targeted my shopping bag while going around Market! Market! (and I really liked that bag!  Huhuhu!)

3. Another plus factor is it has a zipper.  I feel more secure using this since I can just as easily close it.  It also has an additional strap to convert it to a shoulder bag.  So convenient!

4. I saved the best for last.  This being a shopping bag, it can also be squeezed into a smaller-sized pouch (included).  Place it inside your bag or simply let it hang out.

There is a downside though.  Folded up, this bag is a little heavier than most other shopping bags.  But other than that, I still think this is one FAB FIND!  =)


Grab bags are available at all SM stores nationwide.


  1. You just reminded me na I have to buy a replacement for my shopping bag. medyo sira na yung sakin pero ginagamit ko pa rin kasi nga roomy sya at ang dami ko talaga nailalagay pag nag sha- shopping. Ang cute ng design ng nabili mo!

  2. really sis may ganun sa market! marktet! naku katakot!
    btw, bag is so cute :)

  3. @kath: Yes, sis. Crooks nowadays are smarter. Good thing he wasn't able to get anything from my bag. =)

  4. Definitely fab! that'll be great as a mommy bag too because of its roominess.. I just wish it has compartments :-D

    Spanish Pinay

  5. @Spanish Pinay: Yup, unfortunately that's what's lacking. But this really makes a good shopping and emergency travel bag.

    I wished they were selling this already when went to HK. Would have saved us a whole lot of trouble packing. =)


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