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Fighting the Good Fight with The Peninsula Manila

NOTE: Picture heavy post.  J

The Peninsula Manila is perhaps best-known for being the music video location of Regine Velasquez's "Written in the Sand", and infamous for the military rebellion led by now Senator Antonio Trillanes IV.  Remember the tanks ramming up and destroying the lobby?

Well, it's come a long way since then, baby.  J

The Lobby

Upon entering The Peninsula Manila, you are immediately transported to a land of luxury.  The grand lobby is the ultimate welcome to any weary traveller.

The Peninsula Manila's grand, high-ceilinged lobby

Close-up of their lobby's lighting fixture.  So nice!

View from the top

The Room

And the rooms?  So clean and comfy...

You are welcomed by a nice platter of fresh fruits (replenished daily.)

Fresh fruit bowl

And look at our wonderful Ayala Avenue view (varies from room to room.)

Ayala Avenue on a rainy Sunday afternoon.  Lazy day, indeed.

Rooms are fitted with a small writing area and comfy lounge chair.  There's even a foot rest to place your weary feet.
Complete with writing desk and comfy armchair and foot rest

The bath is complete with  separate toilet and shower on one side; and a huge tub in the other.  I can smell those bubble baths now.  J

Separate shower, toilet and tub!  So heavenly!

But for me, what makes this room truly special are these extra conveniences.

Clockwise from left: three-pronged outlets, working reading lamp and
multi-functional bedside control board

Most of my gadgets are gifts from Hubby, which he usually buys in Singapore.  Since they use three-pronged electrical outlets, I always have my Slazenger travel universal adaptor with me always.  But in this hotel, all outlets are designed to fit any type of electrical plugs so no need to bring my adaptor.  So convenient!

Another fave of mine is the bedside reading lamp.  I love reading books at night.  And this handy reading lamp makes sure I don't bother Hubby, who you'll find sleeping snuggly by my side.  J

And last but not the least, the bedside control panel is perfect for controlling room lights (switches on and off; night lights; etc.), temparatures, electronic room signs (no need for door hangers), and even the in-room radio.  All of that without even getting off the bed.  Very nice.

The Food

And of course, one must never fail to experience the gastronomical delights the hotel chefs have to offer.  Whether through ordering via room service...


...or through their famous Escolta restaurant buffet.  J

Buffet areas


Eating at buffets can be so overwhelming, but this I tell you, are the following items that you SHOULD NOT MISS if ever your find yourself here.

1. Kani salad (located at the Japanese food section)

The kani salad we know is made up of cucumber strips.  Escolta's version makes do without it and instead, uses lettuce as a base.  Topped with a generous serving of crabstick and Japanese mayonaise and you have yourself one tasty appetizer.  Yum!

But seriously though, it's so good I always get 2 servings.  J

Kani salad

2.  Salmon sashimi (also located at the Japanese food station)

Regular readers of my blog know how much I love sushi and sashimi.  In fact, I'm drooling just thinking about this thing.  J

Escolata serves one of the freshest salmon sashimis ever.  You can immediately tell.  It's sweet and melts in your mouth.  Yummy!  

Salmon sashimi

3. Fresh mango juice

It's ripe, yellow mango; it's definitely fresh.  Enough said.  I have mine with a splash of milk.  J

Fresh mango juice

4.  Four seasons non-alcoholic cocktail

This isn't really a part of the buffet line, but I feel it's still worth mentioning it here.

4 Seasons non-alcoholic cocktail

It's a non-alcoholic cocktail made from a mixture of fresh orange, mango, guyabano and pineapple juices with a splash of grenadine.  It's the perfect summer drink!  Or any season for that matter.  J

5. Ice cream

Came highly recommended by Ms. Lori Baltazar of Dessert Comes First fame, also one of my fave food bloggers of all-time.  And I totally agree with her  J

Very strawberry (top) and Ferrero Rocher (bottom) ice cream
sprinkled with coulourful candies

Try the Very strawberry and Ferrero Rocher flavors. 

The Very strawberry is made from fresh fruits and isn't as sweet as those commercially produced ones out in the market.  In fact, it's a little tart.  Very much like the real thing.

The Ferrero Rocher flavor was also a pleasant surprise.  Believe me when I say, with one bite, you can really taste the actual candy.  It's like eating the candy itself!  Delicious!  J

In conclusion...

Another great 5-start hotel in the Metro.  And who says Manila isn't refined?  J


Join The Penininsula Manila in celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness month

Peninsula in Pink, a project in cooperation with ICanServe and Avon Philippines, aims to raise awareness and funds in the good fight against breast cancer.

Peninsula in Pink ribbons, among other things (special teas and gastronomical delights), will be worn by hotel staff and will likewise be available for purchase at the lobby, with a portion of the proceeds going to various institutions to help this admirable cause.

Peninsula in Pink pins

Help fight this disease now.


The Peninsula Manila
cor. of Ayala and Makati Avenues
1226 Makati City
T     (63-2) 887 2888


  1. Oh wow. This makes me want to have a staycation soon! How much is their rate per night? :D

  2. I haven't been in Manila Pen, but I wish to stay there in the future. The photos speak for themselves, it's truly a luxurious hotel. :) The Peninsula in Pink pins are lovely too.

  3. Wow ..this is life...relax and good food! kainggit! thank you for sharing your fabulous experience:)

    na silip mo rin ba yong Salon de ning manila nila?

  4. @Jaycelle: I thinks its around P7K plus, more or less. Without taxes. =)

    @Sumi Go: I agree. Hubby just surprised me with them. So cute. =)

    @SunnyToast: Welcome. =)

    I wanted to but I had the little one with me that time and I couldn't bring her in that time since she was a little fussy. Might disturb the other diners kasi. =)


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