Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Top Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011 (The Initial List)...

Blogging has indeed open up a whole new different world for me.  Whereas before, I would view the web as a place to simply check my e-mail, social networking accounts and for purely academic/work-related research purposes; I find that the emergence of blogs have, in a way, also altered my perceptions on information made available to the reading public.

Living in a rapidly developing country like the Philippines, we are still sadly lacking in proper information dissemination activities.  With blogs, I get to learn of hole-in-the-wall restaurants, magnificent untouched natural wonders, and simply the trappings of everyday existence in the country.

As such, it is quite refreshing to have writing projects like the Influential Blogger's Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011 writing project, with the aim to showcase the blogosphere's emerging blogs and new sources of information.

That being said, I now present my top emerging influential blogs for 2011 (the initial list)...

1. The Average Jane

Very shameless plug here.  But yes, I do would like to be considered as a emerging influential blogger.  The Average Jane is about the mundane, ordinary things -- a lifestyle blog but less "mainstream."  While others exalt Php800 flipflops, I write about the Php250 alternative.  I write about the nondescript hole-in-the-walls and other ordinary stuff that others may overlook.  I choose to view my ordinary existence in extraordinary ways.  =)

2. Tales from the Tummy

I love a food blog with really good pictures.  You're trying to entice people to eat at establishments, hence I believe that pictures definitely says wonders.  And such is the appeal of Tales from the Tummy for me.  Yum!

3. Blogger Manila

Blogger Manila is a good source for everything related to the blogosphere, social media and other online pursuits.  There are interesting tips and event highlights for die-hard bloggers to enjoy.  Definitely a must read for those starting out.

4. The Tummy Traveler

The Tummy Traveler details not just food, but also the blogger's travels accompanied with very interesting snapshots and descriptions.  Its a good go-to source to whet your gastronomical and traveling appetites.

5. Make More Money Online (M3O)

M3O is an interesting blog that details tips and ways on how to make money online.  It's a good read even if you're not seriously thinking of working online full-time. 

6. Libotero

Libotero is a travel blog detailing the blogger's love for travel, with an emphasis on the local sights and sounds, and everything related to it.  A definite must-read for other similar liboteros out there, as well.

7. Yaya, where's my tsinelas?

I am such a stickler for a good lifestyle blog with interesting photos.  And such is the case with the Yaya, where's my tsinelas? blog.  Follow the blogger as she explores her city wearing her trusty tsinelas.

My list still isn't complete.  I'm still on the hunt!  So if you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment away!  =)


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  1. thanks for sharing your list. i always blog hop because i really enjoy reading other blogs. =)

  2. @michi: Hi michi! Thanks for the visit as well. =)

  3. Thank you for sharing your list:)

    Your new follower hope you follow back:)

  4. @SunnyToast: Hi SunnyToast! Thanks for the visit and for following my blog. Will visit you back as well. =)

  5. @peachkins: Hi peachkins! Will drop by and check it out. I love discovering new blogs, don't you? =D

  6. i'll definitely check the other blogs you posted. thanks!



  7. @wendy: Thanks for the visit! Will visit you back as well. =)

  8. Thanks for the vote. Hope my future photos won't disappoint.

  9. isali mo naman ang blog ko ...heheheh http://www.thebackpackman.com

  10. thank you very much for dropping by in my blog :) I hope you could consider my blog www.notepadcorner.com in one of your entries :)

  11. @Anciro and Joy: Thank you for dropping by. Will visit your blogs back. Good luck as well! =)

  12. Mine are:
    - thebeautybrains.com
    - savvyskin.com
    - boredpanda.com
    - polishpolish.com


  13. @Rae: Hi Rae! Will definitely visit those as well. =)

  14. Thank you for voting for http://BloggerManila.com

    It's much appreciated. :)

  15. Hi. This is to mark your entry as complete. Thank you for joining the writing project.

  16. @BloggerManila.com: My pleasure. =)

    @janettetoral.com: Thank you too Ms. Janette. This is a great project. =)


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