Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cheap Laptop Bag Finds from cd-r king

One of my earliest blog posts was about my search for a really nice, colorful and less expensive laptop bag.  And although I have already found and have 2 styles (1 I bought at Techtote and the other a Hello Lulu bag that was a gift from the Hubby) which I use interchangeably and absolutely adore to bits, I have decided to showcase some more chic finds that I accidentally came across while surfing the net.

As with my previous post, I will be following the same criteria as well, mainly:

1. It should be less than Php1,000; and

2. should not be in black!  Yes, I'm sick and tired of boring, black laptop bags.

And so, without further adeiu, I present some cheap laptop bag finds from cd-r king...

1. cd-r king laptop backpack (model BB5)

Selling for Php280 and is designed to fit up to a maximum of 15" screen laptops.  Made from polyester and is roomy enough to fit in your books and other necessities.  Also comes in a variety of designs.

Photo from the cd-r king website

Selling for Php480 and fits a maximum of 14.1" screened lappies.  Sort of reminds me of a Golla bag, don't you think?  Not really a fan of the green color but I guess it works just as well.  =)

Photo from the cd-r king website

Selling for Php680.  I think this is really nice for the ladies.  Made from a combination of fabric and synthetic materials; and can fit up to 16" laptops.

Photo from the cd-r king website

Selling for Php880 and fits 12" laptops.  Fully padded and has a slim rear pocket for magazines and folders.  I personally think this is one of the cutest in the bunch.  =) 

Photo from the cd-r king website

Selling for Php880 and fits 12" lappies.  Fully padded and comes with additional strap.  Also has a really cute design, too.  =)

Photo from the cd-r king website

Please note that I cannot attest to the durability of these bags as I have only seen them at the cd-r king website.  If there is anyone reading this entry who has used any cd-r king bag, please share your thoughts and comments below.  =)


cd-r king is located in almost all major shopping malls in the country.  Please visit their site for the complete list of branches.  =)


  1. They're nice, I personally like number 2.

  2. @OrganizedJunkie: I'm actually more partial to number 4 but I agree that all have really nice designs. =)

  3. so, what laptop bags did you buy? i'm curious :)

    1. Bought the mini grape fizz tote from TechTote then Hubby gifted me with another one (name escapes me now as I don't use it as much na kasi. Hehehe! But it was definitely not on the lists I've mentioned.)


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