Friday, July 8, 2011

Maternity Wear? Not!

I was never really one for fashion.  Oh sure, I love shopping for clothes once in a while, but I stay mostly with the basics.  Being in Human Resources in a strictly business and professional environment (yes, we didn't even have dress-down Fridays!  Huhuhu!), we were more or less expected to set good examples (NOTE: always be in formal business attire 5 days a week.  So sad.)

Aside from business reasons, I just find some clothing styles totally doing nothing for my already curvier-than-usual frame.  Tent tops, tops with an empire cut and the like fall under this category, hence I would usually veer away from them during mall trips.

But I am definitely singing a differnt tune nowadays!  =)

I just realized, while shopping for maternity clothes early on in my pregnant state, that even designers and manufacturers of these kinds of clothing are also biased when it comes to preparing clothes for the petite and curvier preggie.  Most of the styles fit and look good only on Heidi Klum-esque mommies (the tall and barely-gained weight pregnant women) or looked so unfashionable (as in totally manang!)

That was it!  My waist may have disappeared but my good fashion sense was still intact! 

And which is why I thank the fashion gods for having designed and made loose tops the "in" thing nowadays.  My maternity wear and choices may be sparse but at least I look decent!

Black loose top from Bench, bought for around Php600+.

Esprit top which I got as a present from a friend.

Forever 21 top, also bought for around Php600+

Old Krizia empire cut dress bought for Php1,000 plus (had this waaaay before I was even pregnant)

All of these items were not bought from a maternity wear line.  Best of all, I still get a small semblance of fashion.  Hallelujah!  =)


  1. When I was pregnant, I only had 1 maternity top and a couple of maternity jeans. The rest I used were carefully chosen dresses, tops, and skirts that would fit my growing tummy, regular clothes NOT from the maternity section. Actually, there are lots of regular items out there which you can wear even with a bump. Cool right?

  2. @Pink MagaLine: Yup. I got really frustrated when I was first browsing through maternity wear. Most just don't fit well! But its a good thing there are a lot of regular clothes that can fit pregnant women now. =)

  3. I also didn't buy maternity clothes. Thank God for the in-thing in fashion.

    But I bought maternity jeans from Gingersnaps though, I can't wear dresses all the time. And yoga pants, too, very comfy.

  4. @Badet: You said it. Although for me, I prefer wearing dresses and shorts cause its so darn hot! Hehehe! =)

  5. I'm fond of wearing maternity-ish dresses eventhough I never was pregnant. Haha! They're so comfy kasi and quite cute. :)

  6. @L: Nice to hear that. I know there are maternity wear lines that offer really cute and chic pieces. Its so great to know that they are finally realizing that pregnant women still want to look fashionable. Oh! And I agree with the comfy comment. =)

  7. @maternity clothes: Thank you. It was actually a gift from family friends. =)

  8. That top from Forever 21 is awesome, its style is simple but elegant.


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