Friday, July 15, 2011

Great Dogs at Hero Hot Meals

NOTE: I have to apologize for the really dark pictures.  My photographer's eye wasn't working the time I took them.  =)

Hero sausages have been gaining such popularity nowadays.  Who even knew that this seemingly imported concept is actually a local brand? 

Our family was first introduced to their widely popular hungarian line during a trade fair we attended a few years back.  My dad, being such a sausage lover, tried one, invited the rest of the family for a taste, and the rest as they say is history.

In line with the company's expanding business, Hero sausages have now introduced their line of Hero Hot Meal kioks located in different malls, to further introduce their brand to the masses.

Hero Hot Meals offer a variety of their brand's sausage sandwiches which are sold at a surprisingly affortable price.

For instance, a Premium hotdog sandwich (with a choice of either plain, spicy or cheesy) sells for only Php25.  Their Jumbo hotdog line (with hungarian, spicy or cheesy flavor choices) are offered for only Php38, while their original product, the Hero's all original sausage sandwich (choice of hungarian or schubig) sells for Php68

Oh!  And did I mention, they use wheat buns!  That plus a combination of my fave condiments -- mustard and mayo -- makes for such a filling and tasty merienda.  Yummy!

Hero Hot Meals also offer a variety of rice meals with prices ranging from Php35 to 69.

This store is a relatively young concept for the company and as such, may still need a little bit of improvement, most especially when it comes to the way their sandwiches are presented (I swear we ordered 3 different types of sandwiches, but they all came out looking the same when photographed) and the how the bun was also cut in half (quite uneven).

I also didn't like their citrus juice (Php20 for a 12oz serving).  It wasn't like anything I ever tasted before (it's a bad thing.)  I just couldn't describe it, really.  It tasted like a powered mix of something I couldn't determine.  Don't bother wasting your money on this.

If you are a fan of their hotdog and sausage line, then this is definitely the place for you.  =)


Hero Hot Meal kiosks are located at Market! Market! Global City, Taguig; Shangri-la Plaza, Festival Supermall Alabang, SM North EDSA, SM Fairview, Banilad Town Center Cebu City, Royal Subic, SBMA; and in other leading malls nationwide.  Visit their facebook page (click here) for more details.


  1. I thought the "dark look" was intentional, for effect (the brand name floats). Looks delicious, ma-try nga one of these days. By the way, thanks for dropping by sa VisitPinas. Who knows we'll bump into one another in some restaurant. =)

  2. @Teenee: Hi Teenee! Nah! The picture looked nice when I was reviewing it using my cam's screen. However, it sorta came out wrong when I transferred the file to my laptop. Hehehe!

    Maybe will bump into each other soon. Say hi ok. =D

  3. i love their hungarian sausage!! we buy frozen ones & just cook at home! :D

  4. @[pinkc00kies]: Yup! Their Hungarian sausage is one of the best I've tasted as well. =)


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