Monday, July 11, 2011

Lots'A Pizza's Withstanding the Test of Time

I've always been fond of simple pizza flavors.  In fact, Hawaiian is my usual order.  I've never developed the taste for those really complex concoctions with a gazillion toppings and sauces.

Lots'A Pizza has indeed perfected this simplicity formula and has since been serving up some of the best pizzas in the Metro since the 1980s.

For only Php249, one gets a thin crust super-sized Hawaiian Delight pizza, topped with a generous serving of ham, pineapples and cheese.  I also love their tomato sauce.  Just the right sweetness to suit the Pinoy palate.

Such great value for your money!

Like other similar stores, they also sell pastas.  Hmmmm...maybe next time I'll try them out as well.  =)


Lots'A Pizza has over 80 branches nationwide.  Visit their website at for the full list.


  1. looks yummy! and so affordable! Btw, I'm having my 1,000 follower giveaway.
    You can check it here:
    1,000 Followers Giveraway! (20+pcs)

  2. @MissKatv: Ooooo...sounds exciting! Will definitely check it out! Good luck and congrats! =)

  3. I like the pizza with the bacon and corn toppings too, dunno if that' still available though.

  4. @blackshirt13: They had that flavor? Didn't notice it during my visit. Sounds interesting. =)

  5. Honestly, I think it's pricey :( It's probably just me ^_^

  6. @Chew On This: But its really good. Worth the price. =)

  7. i love your take on lots-a pizza. your writing made the pizza even more delish!


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