Monday, July 4, 2011

Some Feet Pampering at Nail.a.holics Nail Salon and Spa

When I find myself pressed for time or just simply short on cash for a full-on body spa experience after a grueling week at work, I discovered that a good foot spa works just as well.  Necessity is indeed the mother of all invention!  =D

I LOVE pampering myself with a foot spa.  More so now what with my current condition and all.  And one of my favorite nail salon and spa places is Nail.a.holics!

Nail.a.holics Nail Salon and Spa is one of the newer establishments offering hand and foot pampering services to the public.  One of the things I love about them is their cozy, beach-inspired decor.  It never fails to remind me of warm and lazy sunny days spent on the beach.

Oh!  And did I mention they have one of the most attentive salon staff ever.  You're immediately greeted with a smile by the receptionist once you enter.  For newbies, she's also more than willing to answer all your questions regarding their services and would give recommendations based on your needs.

Their friendly and attentive staff also immediately provides you with pillows and magazines, without you even asking beforehand, to see that you are as comfortable as possible.  Ahhh... such bliss...

I also love the fact they they keep a record of services you've had with them previously.  Really helpful for those who may want to experience the same service again but forgot the name.  Unfortunately, they keep records on a per branch basis only.  Meaning if you suddenly went to a different location than the one you religiously went to before, then you'll have to open a new record again.  I do wish they had a more centralized tracking system so ones's record is available regardless of where you decide to avail of their services.

Sevices are varied and are priced accordingly.  From Hand Care packages (ranging from Php100 to 300) to Foot Care (from Php220 to 500.)  They also offer a combined Hand and Foot Care package with prices ranging from Php700 to 750.)  Also available are Massage Therapy sessions (from Php300 to 600), Eyelash Enhancement packages (Php300 to 1,500), and Threading and Waxing services (Php180 to 1,000 depending on ther service and area.)  With such an huge array of choices, there's definitely something that can fit every budget.

Personally, I often have the Juvenile Coral Foot Spa package priced at Php300.  My feet always come out so much whiter and softer.

So next time you find yourself in the mood for some pampering, try dropping by Nail.a.holics!  =)


Visit their website,, add them on FB (Nailaholics nail salon and spa) or Twitter (nailaholicslove) for a complete list of their services and branches.


  1. Seems I will be bringing my mother here one of these days.

  2. @MinnieRunner: Definitely. This shop is one of my fave pampering places ever! And this is mostly because of the very good customer service they provide. =)


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