Wednesday, July 6, 2011

FAB FIND: 3M's Super Glue Gel

Our family is a group of bookworms.  We ravenously devour books and our house does in fact resemble a mini-library with the collection that my mom, bro and I have amassed through the years. 

Don't get me wrong.  Regardless of how messy our 2nd storey shelves and hallway may look to our visitors, we take pride in our combined collection and hope that the next generation (bro's and my kids) will continue on with this time-honored family habit.

Books behind the bedphoto © 2006 rjp | more info (via: Wylio)

One pet peeve I do have is trying to maintain our books in good condition.  Sure there are the usual signs of wear like yellowed pages, spine creases and folds here and there.  But other than that, we take pride in the fact that not one of our tomes have been desecrated to the point of no return. 

But still one cannot avoid the occasional book getting ripped in half, either due to shoddy book binding practices by the publisher or by the hand of a borrower who could never really understand the value to respecting another person's property.

In whatever condition they may come back to us, we still try to find ways on how to remedy this situation, hopefully without it costing an arm and a leg.

And for this purpose, I find that 3M's Super Glue Gel does the trick each and everytime.  For only Php109.75 for a small tube, I get to restore our babies, and my sanity, to almost normal conditions.  Just apply a small portion and let dry!  So easy!

Now, unlike liquid super glues, their gel counterparts do not seep into the paper, leaving a somewhat oily and sticky, but unusable, stain.  With the gel variety, it isn't absorded by the paper and sticks to each other real tight.

And now you know my handy weapon in fixing ripped books.  =)


3M's Super Glue Gel can be found in hardware stores located in malls around the country.


  1. Hi! I hope you don't mind me commenting on a super old entry... But I just have to know - is this better than Mighty Bond?

    1. Hi CC! Mighty Bond is ok. But I prefer the gel typer super glue since it doesn't seep into pourous surfaces. Mighty Bond had a gel-type glue before but I'm not sure why it's not being sold anymore. =)


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