Friday, July 22, 2011

FAB FIND: Charcoal Sandals from Argentina

Flip-flops and sandals have become ordinary, everyday staples for people living in countries with tropical climates since they're comfy and perfect for the sweltering weather.  Havaianas, Banana Peel and Ipanema are just a few well-known brands offering these types of comfy footwear.  But for me, there's also one more brand that I definitely love wearing!

I present -- Charcoal sandals from Argentina!

I was first introduced to this brand by my mom, who absolutely abhors the other well-known flip-flop and sandal brands.  Wanting to find another alternative that would offer that the same comfy feeling yet without the too hefty and often "ridiculous" price tag (her words exactly...), she spotted this line of Charcoal sandals during a sale at Rustan's department store.

And hooked she was.  She's been enjoying her pair for almost 2 years now, and although there are the usual signs of wear, it still feels as comfy as the day she first bought it.

I, too got hooked and would try to borrow her pair from time to time.  Finally exhasperated, I decided to purchase one for my very own! 

Comfy in a pair of suela de gomas...hmmmm...

There are a few limitations to this line.  Although they offer a variety of designs, they are, however, a little limited when it comes to the colors available.  Most come in basic, neutral hues (i.e. brown, white, black) so don't expect a mirage of rainbow colored products.  I don't mind though, as black is quite easy to pair with a number of ensembles.

Charcoal sandals sells for around Php500 and above, depending on the styles and are available at select Rustan's, SM and Landmark stores.

P.S. They almost always place their older styles on sale, usually at 50% off, so be sure to check their area from time to time.  =)

Lovin' the simple knot design.  =)


  1. Slippers can make girls crazy. Hehe.

    Visiting from GT.

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  2. @Liz Thanks for visiting Liz! Really appreciate it. Will be resuming my blog hoppins soon! =)

  3. Nice find. I often visit Landmark and Rustans but have not seen this brand. I have to find this soon hehe


  4. @*MrsMartinez*: These slippers are definitely comfy! I suggest you try out a pair. You might just be a convert as well. Hehehe! =)

  5. it's similar to what brand? =) is it more like havs or banana peel? hehe

  6. @Ang Kaladkarin : Hmmm...not exactly sure. The look more like traditional slipper than hip ones like havs or banana peel. Guess they're on a league of their own. Hehehe! =D

  7. Aahhh so parang mas sandal ba sya than slippers? Nacurious ako! Haha Kasi my havs are more comfy than my banana peel flip flops. =p

  8. @Ang Kaladkarin: I guess you can classify them as that. I get confused between the 2 terms. Hehehe! =)

  9. Wooh, I like this slippers, thanks for the info. I know it is called sandals but it looks more a tsinelas to me (will stick to that, hehe).
    I love tsinelas a lot, I am even wearing slippers in hiking rather than the typical hiking shoes that gives my feet super sakit "paltos" but this charcoal slippers, I want it as pambahay na tsinelas.


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