Friday, July 29, 2011

Inspiration from Reader's Digest

My mom has been an avid reader of Reader's Digest for years.  However, when she started her own family, there were more pressing concerns that needed her financial attention, and as such, purchasing this ever handy and entertaining magazine was placed in a list of luxuries.

It was, however, quite a pleasant surprise, when I found out that my former company had a tie-up with the supplier of RDs here in the country, so I readily signed up my mom for a year's subscription.  That was 3 years ago, and we have been renewing her account ever since.

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What I love about Reader's Digest are their stories, tips and most of all, their inspirational quotes.  Here are just a few memorable ones I got from their June 2011 edition.

Good judgement comes from experience, and often experience comes from bad judgement.
- Rita Mae Brown -

Treat a person as he is, and he will remain as he is.  Treat him as he could be, and he will become what he should be.
- Jimmy Johnson, former football coach -

Experience is not what happens to a man.  It is what a man does with what happens to him.
- Aldous Huxley -

This last one is most especially memorable to me, taken from the article, Tales of a Tiger Mother:

In Disney movies, the "good daughter" always has to have a breakdown and realise that life is not all about following rules and winning prizes, and then take off her clothes and run into the ocean or something like that.  But that's just Disney's way of appealing to all the people who never win any prizes.  Winning prizes gives you opportunities, and that's freedom -- not running into the ocean.
- Amy Chua, Battle Hymm of the Tiger Mother

This particlular excerpt from Amy Chua's (of The Tiger Mother fame) Battle Hymm of the Tiger Mother really struck a deep emotional cord in me.  You see, my Hubby and I are expecting our own little bundle of joy soon, and like all expectant parents, have sort of an idea how we want to raise our kid. 

Having been such a mediocre HS student has led me to realize that there are indeed a lot of things I might have accomplished more if only I pushed harder.  You see, my mom was never one to insist on activities that I never really cared about then.  But now, as an adult, I realized how some things would have done me all the world of good if only I was aware of how great it was.

It was only in college that I realized that I could be a better person and that mediocrity was not a good thing altogether.  Abhorring the mediocre was actually and is still my battle cry for all aspects of my life.  Being "regular" is all well and good, but our daughter could definitely do better and achieve more than what my Hubby and I could accomplish in our lifetimes (this is my very fervent wish and prayer.) 

That being said, I'm definitely taking that particular line to heart to make sure that our baby will be given all the opportunities we could provide for her early on.  I don't want her to grow up regretting not taking piano lessons (one of my ultimate adult regrets) or learning to speak a third language (Hubby is fluent in 3; while I in 2 and can understand bits and pieces of a third) or any other hobby and activity she would be interested in in the future.

Have a great and inspiring weekend, everyone!  =)


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    Maybe you can add the group buying thing in your scams 101 blog. Scary no??

    Definitely, Maybe

  2. I love Jimmy Johnson's quote. I think it's the best lesson a mom could have in terms of treating a child. ^_^

  3. @♥ joei: Thanks for visiting! I was actually thinking of asking you permission to post you Groupon entry in my Scams 101 blog. Thanks for granting permission. Will link back the post to you. =)

  4. @Chew On This: Yup. I think he's the same guy who joined Survivor recently. Very inspiring. =)

  5. I have loved Reader's Digest since I was a kid :)Always a treasure of wisdom in its pages. Thanks for this :)


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