Monday, August 1, 2011

Milky Strawberry Goodness from Seattle's Best Coffee Shop

I have always been a major fan of Seattle's Best Coffee's creamy strawberry milkshake even before the now famous article came out.

I've mentioned in an earlier post that my usual morning breakfast while I was still working was a steaming, hot mug of joe.  But, for the life of me, I could never bring myself to order a cup of hot coffee from any of the coffee houses that have popped like mushrooms everywhere.  Guess I just prefer mixing my own blend.

Which is the reason why when I order from a coffee house, I order anything but coffee.  And being a creature of habit, there are specific items that I consider the specialty of each and every coffee shop I enter, that of which I always order everytime I visit.

For Seattle's Best Coffee, I always order either their chamomile tea, for times when I feel really bloated; or their strawberry milkshake (Php160), for times when I want to indulge myself.  And nowadays, I find that pregnancy has indeed brought out my sweet tooth once more.  Oh the joys of pregnancy and their accompanying cravings!  =)

Unlike the other coffee houses selling similar products, I find the Seattle's Best Coffee version very creamy and tasty.  Others that I've tried tasted more like smoothies than milkshakes.

Seattle's Best used to include chocolate chips into their milky concoctions, a very nice surprise for chocoholics.  However, the last time I ordered this in their Mall of Asia branch, the chips were missing.  Don't know it this was an error on their part.  I hope they do retain the chips as this is what makes their shake different from the rest.

For those who still prefer their drinks with heavy doses of caffeine, there are a number of coffee-based beverages for you to try.  Take, for instance, their new offering -- the Caramel Heaven Frappe (right).

For the ravenous, they also carry a number of pastries and other gourmet treats.  But that's for another post altogether...  =)

To view a complete list of their branches, visit their website at


  1. @peachkins: Give in to the cravings. Hehehe! =)

  2. I've always preferred Seattle's Best over all its other competitors. :P

    Kasi they have real food. :P May pasta, panini, and the big breakfast meals.

  3. @Rae: Hmmm...haven't exactly tried eating meals there before. I'll do so nect time. Thanks for the suggestion! =)

    @Chew On This: Definitely! Sarap to give in to the cravings! =D

  4. ooh! i love strawberry milkshakes, and that's a bonus too if it has chocolate chips. :)

  5. @Guia Obsum:: Please do. Its really good. =)


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