Wednesday, August 24, 2011

FAB FIND: Urban's Cannal Type Stereo Headphones

Like all others, I now find myself having a hard time living without my music player.  It's a good stress reliever and can instantly entertain me during long drives and commutes.  But with everyday usage comes the inevitable wear and tear of the earphones, and as such, I find myself replacing them every few months or so.

I used to buy the branded, more expensive ones, but find myself in the same situation of having to have the earphones replaced once again after only a few months of use (good-bye Php500!!!)  So in the end, I decided that a cheaper one (i.e. from Japan Home, anyone?) would suffice just as well.

I did, however, venture out and went to a Clipper Giftshop one day.  And while browsing through the racks, found this cute little item -- Urban's Cannal Type Stereo Headphones.

Comes in a variety of colors and at 1.2. meters long, this earphone meets my needs perfectly!  Extra earbuds and a small implement to take care of annoying wire slacks are also included.

And all of these for Php88 only.  Now isn't that a bargain?  =)


Urban's Cannal Type Stereo Headphones can be bought from any Clipper Giftshop near you.  =)


  1. @Chyng Yup! Even I was surprised. Cute to boot as well. =D

    @michi: Me too, being such the cheapskate that I am. Hehehe! =D

    @Maria: Thanks! =)

  2. Cute smiley design! Sometimes we don't really need to buy the branded ones.

  3. Like! Will buy one too. :D

  4. @anney: I agree. Especially since earphones are one of the first things that wear down when using your player. =)

    @Anonymous: I think you'll also be quite happy with the color choices. So cute. =)

  5. That's really a steal specially if it will last you a long time! I think Clipper sells quality products naman. I buy my cute office mugs from them, hehe. :)

  6. @Madz: I think so. But in case it doesn't, then I wouldn't cry over 88 pesos. =)

  7. ^Very true sis. Esp since we need to buy a new one every few months,better be practical instead.

  8. That's a good bargain! I never knew Clipper sells headphones. Gonna check it out when I go to the mall again. Thanks for the info. :)

  9. I sometimes do this, too. At least if it gets spoilt after a month's use it doesn't feel like you've been robbed. It's already a bonus that there are so many nice designs to choose from.

  10. @Karla: Yup! I always love visiting Clipper bacause pf the cute stuff they sell. =)

    @p!nkroma: I agree. Considering how fast these things get broken, you really have to be practical. =)


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