Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Yummy Krispy Kreme Donuts

I remember Krispy Kreme all too well.  Our very first meeting happened in the mid-1990s when my balikbayan lola from the US came home with a box of these sinfully sweet treats (she being of sound mind and body but cursed with such a horrendous sweet tooth, bless her soul...)

I'd be the first to admit though, that I was not really a fan.  Having been brought up with the taste of the good old Dunkin' Donuts variety, I just had a hard time adjusting to its more sugar-loaded counterpart.  Good thing though that when Krispy Kreme did finally invade our shores, they brought with them a less sweeter tweak to the original recipe.

Krispy Kreme has become such a popular brand here in the Philippines, hence I will not bore you with the facts, most of which I'm sure most, if not all, already know.  I do, however, would like to share a few yummy pictures I took for you to drool on...

The Original Glazed kind is my favorite.  It's not that sweet and I simply adore its simplicity.

In my opinion, one thing that makes this donut brand so unique is its different and unusual offerings and flavors.  Unlike any old donut shop where you get the usual offerings, here you find flavors like Chocolate Kreme Cake with Oreo bits, Caramel Kreme Crunch, Chocolate Iced Creme Filled, New York Cheesecake and so much more!

If I may borrow (and rehash) that well-known Spiderman line, "with great unique variety comes great prices."  And as such, expect to pay more than what one is used to paying for similar products from their competitors.

Here at Krispy Kreme, a piece goes for Php32 to 44 depending on the flavorA box of 6 goes for Php192 to 264, while a dozen from Php285 to 385.

Beware the attack of the sweet tooth!  =D


For a complete list of their branches, please visit the Krispy Kreme Philippines website.


  1. original glazed is also my favorite but will try other flavors, next time. =) limited branch kasi. =(

  2. Krispy Kreme is too sweet for me compared to Dunkin Donuts haha... But it's still good to buy some from time to time. :)

  3. The only time that I got the chance to eat Krispy Kreme is during their freebie offerings, he he. Well, it is really that pricey. That is why I am going for Country Style Donuts instead.

  4. @michi: Same here. I love the simplicity of the flavor. =)

    @Meg: Yup. Definitely agree with you there. But this brand is definitely nice for when you want to treat yourself. =)

    @CaptainRunner: As they say, "variety is the spice of life." Try having them once in a while. Hehehe! =)

  5. i find KK donuts too sweet din. i buy this only when i have to, like if im treating my nieces out. but really, if it were just me, i like the old style donuts ng neighborhood bakery... yung sprinkled with sugar lang and with that tough tough dough. brings back childhood memories maybe.

  6. @Gita Asuncion: You can never beat that which has fond memories attached. Regardless of what they are. Good to hear about your neighborhood donut story. =)

  7. @ArciPol: I agree but its definitely worth it as a treat once in a while. =)

  8. I love Krispy Kreme original glaze! I just can imagine the softness of the doughnuts...yummy!

  9. I love love the original glazed. The other flavors are tooo sweet. :)

  10. @iCyLiCioUs and Miss `Chievous: I totally agree. =)


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