Monday, August 8, 2011

Releasing my Creative Juices at Makin's No Bake Clay Workshop

Crafting has always been a stress reliever of sorts me for as long as I can remember.  In fact, I even had a drawer full of ribbons, colorful paper, pens and other knick knacks that I saved for when the creative bug bites me and when I want to tinker around with any little, old thing.

One thing I was apprehensive in trying out though was polymer clay sculpting.  I've always associated the use of this type of clay with baking since it did require that it be baked to set properly, and I with no baking skills whatsoever was not as easily open to the concept.

However, when Kat of Shmily Arts, Crafts and Accesories offered a half-day workshop on polymer clay sculpting using Makin's clay, a special air-dry type variety, I couldn't as well pass up the opportunity.

So with my cousin in tow, we went to her shop in Sta. Ana, Manila and spent a few afternoon hours learning the basics and techniques in polymer clay sculpting.

And such a wonderful, creative afternoon it was!  Here are just a few of my works.  =)

My only gripe would be that the workshop venue had no AC (sorry Kat, but for a pregnant woman, I was really sweating buckets that time!  Hehehe!)  But that might not be much of a concern as you truly get your money's worth.  Each session also comes with a brief instruction manual and a few basic tools to get you started.

Now my only problem is trying to figure out a way to curb my spending on additional clay, molds and other related paraphernalia.  Heck!  I'm even seriously deciding on making my baby's baptismal souvenirs when the time comes.  And yes, I am even considering tinkering around with the baking kind!  =D


For more details, please visit Makin's PH Facebook or Multiply page.


  1. Oh wow! This is something I'd like to try and teach the little one someday :)

  2. @Pinay Travel Junkie: Hobbies are great! Try them one time. =)

  3. This is a great workshop! :) Thanks for sharing. I hope there will be more workshops in the future.

  4. @Karla. Yes, she does quite regularly. Add her in FB to be updated of her upcoming workshops. =)

  5. @Katherine: It is fun. Beware though as it can also be very addictive. =)

  6. @Nuna: Please do. Its a very fun and addicting hobby. =)

  7. Hi! Mind if I ask how much the workshop fee? Anyway, this is what I have been thinking of since last year but coz of busy sched I can't pursue it just yet. Mas okay ba ang No bake? Ayan, nabuhay na naman interes ko sa polymer clay making. Thanks for sharing!

  8. @Mommy Maye: Left you a message on your blog. For some reason, I couln't leave comments on you posts.


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