Monday, August 29, 2011

An Overnight Stay at Orchid Garden Suites

I love those old pre-war stone houses that abound the Metropolis.  I guess part of my fascination for these astonishing structures is the fact that my lolo's family once lived in one (a 4-storey stone edifice -- with bomb shelter included -- located along Taft Avenue and of which I was not even able to visit much to my utter and eternal dismay.)  You see, the house itself was passed on to lolo's oldest brother through inheritance and the family sold it before I could even set foot in it.  Well, life goes on, I guess...

But I digress.  So when the opportunity came for Hubby and I to spend a night at Orchid Garden Suites (a boutique hotel founded upon an old pre-war Manila mansion) for a night, I jumped in glee and happily prepared an overnight bag.

As mentioned, the Orchid Garden Suites' foundations are set upon an old pre-war Manila house, a part of which now houses the main lobby and restaurant.  Additional storeys were later added to accomodate more guests and for hosting corporate or celebratory functions and other events.

This being a boutique hotel, expect a small but cozy lobby...

Complete with marble floors, stately columns, oil paintings and cozy seating areas; the cool lobby is definitely an oasis from the hot city weather outside and a luxurious, welcome sight from the grisly Manila streets (NOTE: the hotel is located along Vito Cruz street, in front of Harisson Plaza.)

The Standard Room

We got a Standard room, which cost us only Php2,800 (includes buffet breakfast for 2 at their Cattleya Restaurant.)  A cozy room which features the basic neccesities one would ever need.

Also includes the standard bath and toilet amenities as well.  For Php2,800?  Not bad eh?  =)

Every room comes equipped with free wi-fi access and cable TV for your pleasure.  However, the refrigerator isn't stocked with any food or beverage (not a big deal in my book) and there is no room safe (these are made available only at the reception areas.)

The floors tend to be a little dusty at times so make sure to have them clean the rooms before occupancy.

Buffet Breakfast at Cattleya

As mentioned, room accomodations include buffet breakfast for 2 at their Cattleya restaurant.  Located at the ground floor, this small, quaint dining area serves a variety of local and foreign cuisine.  Food is, at best, average but I do recommend their lugaw with tokwa; and their ensaymada.  Yummy!

Oh!  And another thing, their egg station is located in a closed area with no exhaust to drive away the smells, so expect to return to your room with clothes smelling a little smoky.  =)

In conclusion...

Orchid Garden Suites does employ the most couteous and attentive of personnel, who try their best in making your stay truly memorable.  This is always the main clincher for me. Having attentive and responsive staff at all times makes any hotel stay precious, regardless of whether it is a 5-star establishment or not.

All in all, our overnight stay at Orchid Garden Suites was a restful one.  We're definitely coming back here again.  =)


Orchid Garden Suites Manila
620 Pablo Ocampo Sr. Street

Malate, Manila
(632) 708-9400/523-9870/523-9860/523-9836


  1. love the free wifi access in the room... some 5 start hotels still charge for internet access or you have to visit their business office. but this one's really convenient:-).

  2. @wendy: I agree. Its a good service to provide to your customers. =)

  3. wifi access and the most friendly staff..those are checks in my book...

  4. Love boutique hotels!! There's something about these kind of hotels that makes you wanna go back and stay more! :) Will def check this one! Thanks for sharing! :)

  5. The room looks really nice and I like that there is free wifi access which is essential for a homebased worker like me. And I agree that good service makes any hotel stay precious! :)

  6. @michi: Yup. It is. I even had seconds. Hehehe! =)

    @peachkins: I agree. =)

    @michymichymoo: Thank you for the positive comment. =)

    @♥ joei: I agree since we are a generation that always need to be connected. =)

    @Noelle Chantal: Please do. Its very cozy plus the price isn't all that steep. =)

    @Karla: I agree on all points. =D


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