Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A "STYLE FOR LESS" SPECIAL: Eye Wear for a Fraction of the Cost

I am not blessed with 20/20 vision, a fact that has plagued me on one too many excursions and missed bus rides (just because I couldn't see the magnificent scenery and the signs.)  *Sigh*

And as my fellow sufferers are all too familiar with, acquiring a new pair of eyeglasses can really put a huge dent on one's finances, with good, quality frames costing anywhere from a thousand to 6K at times.  I, personally consider my pair an investment which should be utilized and taken cared of to the best of one's abilities.

I currently have a pair of Marie Clare frames which are fitted with transitions lenses.  These I use only when I am out and about.  Actually comes very handy when driving since the lenses instantly turn darker to protect my eyes from the harsh glare of the sun.  Plus I believe I look good wearing them on.  Naks!  =D

This particular pair cost me a pretty penny (6K inlcuding the lenses, if I remember correctly), hence, you won't catch me wearing them at home where they can just as easily be broken into pieces by a single, careless action.

I'm not really thrilled to shell out thousands for a "home use only" pair and I definitely will not purchase those cheap wire framed ones at lesser known establishments (I've had my share of horror stories about them already, but that's for another tale altogether.)

The solution came from a former officemate, who found herself in the same predicament I was in years ago...

Her answer: cheap plastic frames fitted with graded lenses!

No laughing here please, but it actually works!  I've had my "house" glasses for years now and am so happy that regardless how careless I may get with them at home (lying while watching TV, getting lost under my bag, etc.), they are still just as durable.  Plus you won't see me crying over a broken pair since they're so cheap!

What did I do?  Simple, I bought some cheap plastic frames from SM (my blue "house" glasses cost me only around Php200) and I had them fitted with graded lenses at Executive Optical (EO house lenses, provided you do not suffer from astigmatism and other special needs, will cost only Php250 a pair.)  All in all, I spent only Php450 for them.

Using the same principle, I was also able to have this cheap sunglasses frame I bought at Landmark fitted with graded lenses and then coated with a dark tint.  Viola!  Instant graded sunglasses that didn't put me in heavy debt. 

If I remember correctly, I spent Php150 for the plastic sunglass frames, Php250 for the EO house brand graded lenses and Php70 to have them tinted a dark shade (also had it done at EO.)  Came to a total of Php470 only. 

I love wearing them during photowalks with Hubby, most especially during hot, sunny days.

There are a few items you have to consider before trying this, though.

1. First and foremost, ensure that the cheap frames you choose are fitted with lenses than can be replaced.  You can easily verify this by asking the store's sales ladies to help you choose. 

Don't worry, depending on the store, you can just as easily have the frames replaced within a 7-day period (provided you still have the receipt and the price tage is still attached on the item).  I suggest you go to the optical shop immediately upon purchase so you can just as easily have the frames replaced with no hassles, whatsoever.

2. Curved frames cannot be fitted with graded lenses.  They should be straight.  Refer to the picture below.

A word of caution:  Executive Optical will ask you to sign a waiver stating that they are not liable in case the frames do get broken while being fitted with graded lenses.  But so far, I haven't yet experienced them being so careless.

Plus, I'm not exactly sure if this will work for those suffering from astigmatism and other special eye care needs.  I suggest you verify this with EO first.

More power to the visually-challenged!  =)


  1. @peachkins: Thank you for the compliment. =)

  2. Hi there!! Cute sunglasses i just can't believe it with just a cheap amount you got those cute eye wears.

  3. pareho pala tayo sis :) i also have cheap glasses for home use..

  4. @kath: Yup! I believe its a necessity. Sayang naman kung nabali yung expensive one di ba? =)

  5. Hello! About sa Php250.00 lenses na nasa bluish-like colored frame mo, is that an ordinary lens or multicoated ones?

  6. hello there! yung bang php250 mo sa lens sa blue frame, is that ordinary lenses or multicoated ones? thanks for reply :D

    1. Only clear. Having it coated would cost you an additional 70 pesos (more or less) =)

  7. nice sunglasses looks like affordable but good quality sunglasses for sale here in the philippines

  8. very informative article about your eyewear. Thanks for sharing your experience!


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