Friday, September 2, 2011

How to Apply for a Philippine Postal ID Card

I've said it once and I'll say it again, woe to the newly married woman who has, for years, have gotten so used to her surname only to find that a single (wedding) day, will change this familiarity forever.

I have to admit, it was not easy for me to adapt to a new surname, due mainly for professional reasons.  Throughout my profession career, I have been known by my maiden name and to have to inform all my contacts of the change was, well, too tiresome.  And so I decided to go the hypenated route and I eventually ended up with 2 surnames.  Such was the compromise!  =)

Government agencies, however, were not so accepting.  Apparently having a hypenated surname is a nuisance to them and wreaks havoc on their record-keeping efforts, as I have been told by more than one irrate "public servant."  And hence, I was forced to obtain 2 identities of sorts -- the hypenated one which I use for professional and office-related matters; and my hubby's surname for government forms and the like.

And when I thought all the headaches were done and over with, I was quite surprised to find that the Social Security System (SSS) would would pose another threat to my new found securiry.

Since returning to the country, I have decided to continue my SSS contributions in order to obtain my well-deserved maternity benefits.  And one of the requirements in obtaining such was to have my SSS ID card updated with my married name indicated on it.

This was easier said than done, as almost all SSS branches I inquired didn't have a working ID machine (suprise!!!) nor was I willing to go to their QC main office in my condition.  But there was alternative given, of which 2 valid IDs with my married name would suffice just as well.

And so it was that I found myself at the Manila Post Office one morning queueing for my Philippine postal ID card application.  And I couldn't believe how easy and fast it was to obtain!

Processing of a Philippine postal ID card follows these 4 simple steps:

1. Proceed to Windows 260 to 261 to obtain a formPresent your credentials (any one of the following) for evaluation.  This could be photocopies of your
  • NSO-issued birth and marriage certificate; SSS ID card; LTO driver's license and receipt;
  • Passport; Comelec ID card; Barangay certificate with Brgy. ID; student and office ID cards;
  • Transcript of records and form 148 certificates issued by a known institution or company;
  • NBI or police clearance accompanied by any other valid IDs; Senior Citizen's ID cards; and the like
Always remember to bring the original documents and IDs, just in case.

2. Next follows a brief interview to be conducted by the person-in-charge (PIC) to verify your identity and some information indicated on the application form.  The PIC will either recommend or decline your request depending on the results of the interview (if you ask me, it isn't really much of an interview to begin with.  Just smile a lot and remember that flattery goes a long way.)

3. Once approved, you will be asked to have your picture taken in a small makeshift booth across Windows 260 to 261.  This will cost you Php80.

4. Pay the total amount of Php290 and return the next day for claiming of your postal ID.  Claiming of IDs are done through the same windows and are issued from 1 to 5 p.m. only.

Here's a breakdown of the total expenses (as of September 2011):

You'll have to spend a total of Php370.  Not bad eh? 

The Philippine postal ID is effective for a year only.  As such, you'll need to apply for a renewal annually.  =)


UPDATE (as of 01/16/12)

Good news!  Postal IDs can now be claimed within a few hours from your application

My parents went to the Manila Postal Office last week and were informed that they may now wait for their IDs to be processed instead of going back the following day for claiming.  Their cards were issued within an hour of their application.

My tip, though, is to go there really early (when there are probably less people and applicants.)  Knowing the governement, this process may not be followed religously when they are bombarded with tons of people.  Better safe than sorry, right?

Oh!  And effectivity of the cards are now for 2 years from the date of issue.  =)


  1. i want to get postal id so i will use this instead of sss id. natatakot kasi ko what if mawala sss id ko, tagal makakuha. mag 2yrs na di pa rin narerelease sss id ng sister ko. :(

    so i have to spend P370 annually for postal id. not good for me. hihi!

  2. It might be too late but congratulations on your marriage.=) Pardon my ignorance but what's the card for? First time I've encountered such.>.<

  3. yeah, what' the ID for? we have all sorts of IDs there in Pinas. why can't we have a national ID instead?

  4. @michi: It is a little expensive if you get annually. Hehehe! =)

    But I agree. SSS just takes too long to release IDs. Buti pa noon. I remember when I got mine in 2004. I was able to get mine after a month only. I wonder what happened to their process. =(

    @crumpylicious blog: Thanks! The ID can be used as an official valid ID for various purposes. Some people also have this when they want to open a P.O. box at the post office. =)

  5. @wendy: I agree. There should be only 1 national ID system in the country like in Singapore. But some lawmakers and other citizens are fighting against it. Dunno why though. =)

  6. Sa Paranaque, 500 ang postal ID. Why oh why!

  7. Sa Marikina din. P500 na. Dati nung kumuha ako, P250 lang.

  8. until now wala pa din akong postal ID.anover! i think i should seriously get one na talaga.thanks for the info! :)

  9. @Nicole: I really don't understand why there are different amounts for the same item issued by the same government agency. Does that include shipping to the city hall where it was requested? Hay! Its still better to obtain one from the post office if you're within the area. =)

    @Sapphire Mommy: You're welcome. =)

  10. It's really hard to update all your IDs after marriage. XD I don't really know why they require a lot of IDs. :(

  11. @Meg: This wouldn't be a problem if we have a centralized ID system. I don't see any valid reason why the government doesn't approve this. Hmmm...

  12. Just read your post. Akala ko 5 years siya. May nagsabi na 2 years na lang. And then, 1 year dito?!

  13. @alibi server: You mean the validity of the ID? That's what's indicated at the back of the ID. So that's what I know.

    You can also call the Post Office to verify. =)

  14. Thank you for all the Info @Jane and of course to @Nuna kase I live in Paranaque. I thought we can get our postal ID for one day. lol


  15. Why do we have to rely on blogs to know how to process government papers? Postal ID in this case. To the government, please please please fix your websites.

    Also, i'm still looking for the mythical "Filipino Hospitality" when talking to government workers.

  16. @RAIN: You're welcome. =)

    @Anonymous: I have to agree with you on that. One of the main reasons for my starting this blog is because there are sometimes info not readily made available to the public. I know how frustrating it gets too.

  17. Hi Tin, this info is a lot help for me. kasi we need to apply for a marriage license and need ng valid ID na may address in manila. before sabi ng mom is 3days pa from application bago makua yung ID. ibig sabihin, I just have to spend 2working days sa pinas, kasi pareho kami ni hubby to be abroad. thanks a lot.

  18. pwede ba kumuha ng Postal ID sa Manila post office kahit taga-paranaque ka? Also, kelangan pa ba ng cedula and baranggay certificate? according to some blogs, hiningan sila ng cedula and baranggay certificate eh. Balak ko kasi kumuha ng ID pero ayoko sa paranaque kasi mahal daw dun

  19. @lanie: Glad to hear that, Lanie. =)

    @Mona Verdida: You can apply for a postal ID at the Manila post office even if you are not a Manila resident.

    They didn't require me to present a sedula and brgy certificate. I just presented my birth certificate plus brought my marriage certificate too, just in case. =)

  20. This is really helpful. I'm planning to get one myself and I don't know the requirements. Sana ganito ang procedure sa lahat ng cities dito sa Metro.


  21. @Elena: Welcome. Although I can't speak for the other municipalities. I originally wanted to apply my postal ID in Cavite since it's more convenient for me but the requirements they requested was just too much of a hassle. It would be more convenient for me to get one in Manila pa. Hay! Gobyerno talaga!

  22. Sa leyte, 700 ang postal ID..... sabeeeee 700!!!!

  23. Guys what are the requirements in paranaque for postal id. kasi wala talagh wala ako sss nso.. a friend toldme na sedula lng kailgan ano ba pls help,,,

  24. Do you have to be from Manila to get a postal id in Manila Post Office?

    1. No. I'm from Cavite and I was able to get one at the Manila Post Office.

  25. hi, ask ko lang, if kung taga-qc ako, pwede ba akong kumuha ng postal id sa manila post office? dun kasi ang work ko kaya mas malapit if dun ako kukuha. or dapat sa qc post office talaga ako kukuha? thanks...

    1. Yes. You can apply for one at the Manila Post Office even if you are not from Manila.

  26. Hi. In Manila Post Office, the charge is 300 Php so as to get a postal ID. It only takes 30 minutes or so, if and when the requirements have been prepared and brought upon attendance to the Post Office. May receipt pa!

    Kaso, 1 to 5 PM lang sila nag-aaccept ng applications for postal ID.

    For further info, here's a link:

    Hope it helps! :)


    Re QC postal ID and Manila postal ID na post sa taas,

    I prefer you get both. :)) Para, at least if mag-open ka ng accounts sa Manila and sa QC, you have valid postal IDs. :)

  27. I need a postal ID. Thanks for this sis. I saw link at the first page of my Google search! :)

    1. You're welcome. This is actually one of my posts with the most traffic. The government really needs to implement a good information dissemination drive. =)

  28. I'm really thankful for your blog in giving me a heads up on applying for a postal ID! I just got mine yesterday in Paranaque so for people who plan to get their postal IDs in Paranaque, you may visit my blog for more details about it ( )

  29. I got my postal id in alabang munt.. They charge me 400 pesos iba iba talaga ang singil, kainis lang

    170 pesos lang po
    Punta kayo sa pinaka malapit na post office
    Click nyo lang ang track para malaman kung saan pinaka malapit

    Form No. 391 (REV. 2001)
    Application for Postal I.D.
    Republic of the Philippines
    The Postmaster
    I have the honor to apply for a Postal I.D. Attached ; are three (3) identical copies of my
    picture (2’x2’) and One Hundred Seventy Five Pesos (P175.00) for the fee therefore.
    My personal circumstances are as follow:
    Surname First Name Middle Name
    Occupation: __________________ Nationality_________________
    Residence: _____________________________________________
    Provincial Address: ______________________________________
    Date of Birth: ____________________ Age:___________________
    Place of Birth: __________________________________________
    Height: ________ Eyes: _________ Complexion: ______________
    Distinguishing Marks:
    Witnesses to thumb marks:
    1._______________________ ________________________
    2._______________________ Applicant’s Signature
    Statement of Issuing Postmaster
    I hereby certify that I have this day of______________, 20_______issued Postal identification Card No._________________ on the
    foregoing application strictly in accordance with Sections 733-737 of the Postal Manual of the Philippines.
    The applicant exhibited to me his/her residence Certificate No. _______________ Issued at ____________On ____________________.
    No Residence Certificate because _______________________________________ ___________________________________________.
    Cross out words not applicable
    Application fee paid under Postmaster’s Signature ________________________________________
    Official Receipt No. ______________________ Printed Name ________________________________________
    Dated ______________________ Post Office of ________________________________________
    Supporting Affidavit of Witness
    I, ________________________________________________ solemnly swear that I have known
    M__________________________________ whose picture appears above; personally for _________ years and I know him/her to be the
    person who made the foregoing application, and that his/her circumstances as stated above are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
    Signature ______________________________
    ___________________________ Printed name ___________________________
    Position/Occupation of Witness Address ________________________________
    Name of Office
    Subscribed and sworn to before me this ____________________ day of _____________, 20___________ at the City/Municipality of
    ___________________ with Residence Certificate No. ______________________ issued at ___________________ on
    __________________, 20 ________________.
    No. Residence Certificate because ___________________________________________________________
    Cross-out words not applicable
    Signature of Authorized Officer
    Printed Name
    Title of Officer
    Documentary Stamp

  31. pwde bng hindi na picturan kasi may i.d. picture nman nang dala?? TIA ! :)

    1. When I last had one done, hindi po. I also had a picture with with that time but they did not allow me to use it for the ID.


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