Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ballers with Style: Freestyle Slap Watch Ballers

I remember those slap-on bracelets of years ago.   During my elementary school days, never would you find a single girly wrist without these on.  As such, red, swollen carpi became a directly linked fashion statement (much to the chagrin of our well-meaning parents.)

Fast track to the present day.  At this, my 29 years of age and in the corporate world, these slap-on bracelets would have been a fashion accessory that just won't cut it in my line of work.  I doubt if our people would still have respected me if I came to the office wearing a colorful piece of silicone rubber on my wrist.  Imagine attending a lunch meeting with a client with a doggy slappy on?!   ¡Que horror!  And definitely not cool!

But that all changed when I saw this...

So cute!

Freestyle Slap Watch Ballers!

Designed by Nathan Flores and his friends as a school project, these colorful, ingenenous watches are functional, hip and cool -- in other words, so cute!

I love white accessories!  =)

They come in a variety of colors that can fit your every mood. 

I especially love the simplicity of it's design!  They can definitely match your outfits, whether corporate or casual.  And at only Php250 a piece, it won't break the bank.

Photo taken from the Freestyle Ballers Facebook Page.

Definitely one for keeps.  Red wrists be damned!  =)


To learn more about this product plus the other items they have on sale, please visit the Freestyle Ballers facebook page.


  1. colors are like candies and fashionable one:)

  2. Giggling while reading this post! I remember the slap-on bracelets when we were young ;p

  3. @jaypee | enjayneer.com: No habla. I only knew a few phrases and understand some lines here and there. Hehehe! Although I took up Spanish for 2 whole semesters, you just seem to forget it if you're not using it.

    @SunnyToast: Defnitely. So like candy! But I love white accessories, so this is good for me. ☺

    @Pinay Travel Junkie: Its really fun to reminisce. I remember having quite a few of those slappies since they're so cute! Hehehe! ☺

  4. I have a white one..from Divisoria lang. I like it since it's easy to put on or take off, plus it won't get stolen I am most sure. Perfect when you're outdoors, while jogging or any other activities. I can even wear it sa office kasi di naman formal get-up...rugged look eh and naka shirt jack so bagay hehehe.


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