Monday, September 12, 2011

How to Disable the Right-click Function on your Blog

Technology has made our lives so much easier. However, with this advancement, higher cases of plagiarism has also become quite rampant. Take for instance the plight of all bloggers who, after spending hours on end thinking up of creative entries for their blogs, later find their work blatantly copied by some lazy criminal.

And it was for this main objective that I installed this HTML script that disables the right-click menu from appearing.

I'm loving it, so far.  And it's so easy to install.

For Blogger users:
1. Go to your "Design" tab.
2. Add an HTML/JavaScript gadget and type in this script.
3. Place it anywhere in your blog.

Viola!  Right-click menu disabled!  =)


  1. nice! thanks for the post =)
    i also tried hehe

  2. This is great, but cant put it in my blog. :(

  3. You're welcome. =)

    @Miss `Chievous: Sis, how come? Are you using Wordpress? I'm not exactly sure how to do this in Wordpress. Sorry. =(

  4. thanks for sharing! wordpress user here... got to find out how, too.

  5. @wendy: I hope it works with Wordpress too. Update us sis. =)

  6. Thanks for sharing! May mga isue ngang ganyan. Yung sa food blog ng sister ko na kopya yung iba nyang entries.

  7. @anney: There are just too many lazy people in this world. tsk...tsk... Nde man lang mag-isip ng sarili nilang work.

  8. This is such a very good tip. Thanks for sharing!

    No to plagiarism! It's a crime.

  9. @Lainy: I agree. Plagiarism is a crime!

    @ken: Whoa! You're right! I should change the title of this post. But at least the right click is disabled. =)


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