Thursday, September 29, 2011

TreeHugger: Saving the World One Writing Implement at a Time

We have been taught the importance of recycling in order to reduce the trash filling up our landfills.  And while we may still have a long way to go before we can truly be called an Eco-friendly nation, it is quite refreshing to note that there are companies who are taking that extra step in making our country more earth conscious.

TreeHugger is definitely one of them.

TreeHugger GelFriend, pencil and highlighter
TreeHugger is an eco-friendly brand that aims to save the world one writing implement at a time.  Their products include:

Gel pens made from recycled carton and biodegradable plastic which they christened the GelFriend (get it?),

TreeHugger's GelFriend

Pencils made out of old newspapers.

TreeHugger pencil

My photo really doesn't do this justice.  But if you can hold the actual product, you can really see the lines of rolled up broadsheets that make up this pencil's body.

Highlighters also made from the same materials as their pens.

TreeHugger highlighter

And that's not all, folks!  Proceeds from every product purchase goes to Haribon Foundation to aid in the restoration of our trees and forests.  How cool is that?  =)

TreeHugger: Saving the earth one writing implement at a time... Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Reforest!


TreeHugger products are available at National Bookstore and Powerbooks branches nationwide. 

For more information about the company and their products, please visit their website or their facebook page.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Reforest!


  1. Gelfriend. Nice. It makes me smile when I say it. Haha.

  2. cute nung GelFriend! hehe! :)
    sana mas marami pang company ang gumawa ng mga eco friendly products! :)

  3. I also bought one of these tree hugger pens a couple of months ago at Fully Booked! It was such a good idea to use recycled cartons for these pens =)

  4. @kath: Agree! Its very refreshing to finally find more companies becoming more eco-conscious. ☺

    @Jenggai: I didn't know they sell at Fully Booked as well. Good to hear that! ☺

  5. thank you for all your support! :) especially to The Average Jane for spreading our message! -TreeHugger

  6. @TreeHugger: You're welcome. I always love a good advocacy. =)

  7. love to share that last semester we made product planning n development of treehugger gel pens n pencils..n quite similar to their new out designed ballpens now...uhm

  8. love to share that last semester we made product planning n development of treehuggers gelpens n pencils n quite similar to their new out designed ( packaging) love


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