Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Manual Photography Made Easy

One of my main goals is to try to use my beloved DSLR camera's manual settings as often as possible since I believe it makes for great practice and better creative shots.  And although I did attend a photography workshop, there are still times when a review is in order now and again.

And so it was with great surprise that I was able to come across Living in the Stills, a tumbler-based blog dealing in photography.

And boy!  Was I so happy I did since I was able to find this...

Thank you Mig Yatcho for creating such a handy tool!  Prints come in portfolio (11x16), small (15x22) and large (23x34); and are available at his Zazzle Store (click here).  =)

Living in the Stills is Miguel Yatcho's, a self-taught Manila-based photographer, tumbler blog which deals with his photography and everything related to it.  Add him up at his Twitter or Facebook accounts for the latest updates.


  1. really want to learn photography...
    talaga!? sana nagkita tayo..madalas kami dun sis, 5 to 10 min lang kami from market2 :)

  2. When we were in college, we used to carry a manual photography cheat sheet everyday. We used film kase that time, and sobrang gastos if makita mo na palpak yung shots. Buti ngayon uso na dslr, mas pwede na paglaruan talaga ang manual settings.

    Choose Happiness

  3. @kath: Its a great hobby. A little hard at first but becomes easier with practice. =)

    Inggit ako sis! I love Market! Market! and wish I could be there more often. Next time kita tyo! =)

    @Nuna: Hay! I thank God for digital SLRs talaga. I used to have a film point and shoot in elementary and my shots were horrible! Hehehe! =)

  4. It's great that there's a cheat sheet for manual photography. :) I only have a point and shoot now but I am saving up to have a DSLR someday. I'm just worried that I wouldn't be able to utilize it well so I'm glad that there's a tool like this. :)

  5. do great shots =) i'm your new follower. xoxo!

  6. @Karla: I'm sure you will. Photography is a very fun and relaxing hobby. I'm sure you'll love it too. =)

    @lelay: Thanks for following. I'm starting a new project for this blog. My "Level Up" project. I plan to write more intersting posts plus include better pictures as well. Wish me luck! =)

  7. looking forward to seeing great pics! new follower here!

  8. hi! nice cheat sheet! i usually toggle aperture, iso, and shutter speed settings when taking shots...nakakalimutan ko ung exposure settings (which is always set at "0"). lol
    thanks for the follow! followed you back :)

  9. Wow! Manual photography cheat sheet! That's nice! thanks for sharing! By the way yung handle ng marshmallow teacups ay candy whistle na hinati ko. hehehe!

  10. yes! inform me pag punta ka dun :)
    gave you an award..rules on my blog
    here's the link :)

  11. Hello! Thanks for dropping by my blog. To answer your question about chocolate-covered cherries, you can opt not to use oil, but the chocolate will be thick and harder to work with. Mas madali din tumigas. :-)

  12. thanks for sharing the links... i have a new DSLR too and it's hard to use! lol! i just using the "auto" all the time!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  13. oh, this is handy :) I love photography too but I am nowhere near even an amateur ufff. I'd like to learn more but perhaps when little one is already big enough and would give me time to tinker with the camera :)

    Spanish Pinay

  14. @Jenggai:: Thanks for following! I am starting a new personal project that wil include this blog featuring more well-written posts plus better pictures. Wish me luck! =)

    @A: Thanks! =)

    @maiylah: Thanks for following too Maiylah! =)

    @anney: You're welcome. Really love the marshmallow teacups. =)

    @kath: Thanks Kath! Really appreciate it. =)

    @J: Very interesting. Thanks for the tip. =)

    @CutestPrincess: You're welcome. Hope this could help you. =)

    @Spanish Pinay: Practive makes perfect. I'm sure you'll get the hang of it. Even I have problems with it sometimes. =)


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