Sunday, June 6, 2010

Restaurant Review: Gelatissimo

Early records show that a special frozen dessert concoction, slightly similar to what we now know as ice cream, was being served in ancient Rome and Egypt.  Made from ice and snow brought down from the mountain tops and preserved below ground, this dish was so popular that even Nero couldn't miss a banquet without this being served in between courses.

Fast forward to the present, shops serving different kinds of frozen treats are found everywhere.  No climbing up the mountains for this girl. 

One of those is Gelatissimo, an Australian company selling gelato.


What exactly is gelato?  According to, gelato is a frozen treat typically flavored with fresh fruit purees, cocoa and/or nut pastes.  If other ingredients such as chocolate flakes, nuts, small confections, cookies, or biscuits are added, they are added after the gelato is frozen.  Gelato made with fresh fruit, sugar, and water and without dairy ingredients is known as sorbetto (a form of sorbet).

Relatively new to the country, Gelatissimo has taken Manila by storm.  I think the picture below speaks for itself:

Jam packed on a weekday!

Gelatissimo boasts that their products are made fresh daily using a secret family recipe (how come all restaurants seem to have a "special recipe"?  I want in!).  I believe this to be true since one spoonful and you'll even forget your name...

What was I saying????

Anyway, Gelatissimo offers a wide variety of flavors at any specific time of the day.  With flavors that range from the classic (Mango, Chocolate) to the unusual (Caramelized Fig, Honey Toffee Malt, Lemon Cheesecake, Berry Pavlova), there's sure to be a flavor that everyone in the family will love.

Having a hard time choosing?  Sample all you want just to be sure.

Choices, choices, choices....

A cup or cone comes in 3 sizes: small (fits 1 flavor) for Php110, medium (2 flavors) for Php160, and large (3 flavors) for Php190Gelato or sorbet shakes costs Php150 to Php180, while sundaes around Php140 to Php600 (for those really complex creations.)

Share the fun by taking home their half liter pack for Php720 or their bambino cones (their version of our local Thumbs Up). 

Know the best part of eating gelato?  It has generally lower fat content than regular ice cream!

Chart taken from the Gelatissimo website.

Not in the mood for gelato?  Fear not!  Gelatissimo also offers other items on their menu.

This is surely a place that you'll keep on coming back to again and again!


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