Friday, June 18, 2010

My Ring and Coin Bearers' Barongs from Baclaran

I've showcased my wedding accessories sourced from Divisoria. (read my post about it here.)  But what I forgot to mention was our coin and ring bearers' barongs that we bought in Baclaran.

We didn't have a problem locating barongs for our groomsmen, but for the kids, well, let's just say we weren't too sure about dropping out Php1,000+ for barongs that they would just outgrow within a few months.

So being ever so resourceful couple that we were, we decided to scour through Baclaran and to locate ones that wouldn't break the bank. 

Good thing, too, as the first store we came across (directly located behind Baclaran church) sold us 2 children's barongs for only PhpP510.00!  One we bought for Php200 and the other for Php260 (larger size).  Whatta steal!
Our coin bearer looking smart in his Baclaran-bought barong.

It really does pay to be more resourceful.  J


For a detailed list of our wedding expenses and some handy tips, please visit my Wedding Expenses: Our own Personalized Summary of Wedding Needsand Wants post at this link


  1. You might be surprised. My fiance and I went to Divisoria to look for kids barongs. They were selling them for only P200 to P250 each! =)

  2. Good for you!

    Ours bought for almost the same price. We bought 1 for Php250 and the other for Php260 (larger size daw e).



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