Thursday, June 17, 2010

FAB FIND: Clipper's Multi-colored Pen

I've always loved shopping at Clipper.  You know, that store that keeps sprouting up in the major malls here in the Philippines?  The one that sells cute novelty items (think Mario, Princess Toadstool, etc.)

We'll like everyone else, I'm definitely hooked on their merchandise.  A little pricey but still, a good place to shop for unusual gift items.

We'll just last month, an officemate showed me her new Clipper find.  These really cool multicolored pens!

Awesome!  I've had a pen with lots of colors (the really chunky ones).  But a single pen with about 6 ink colors!  How cool is that!

Ink color start in violet and ends in orange

So amazed was I in her find, I immediately trooped on over to Clipper's Greenbelt branch and bought one for myself.  The best part?  Its only Php19!

Downside though is you have to wait for the first color to run out before you can use the next one.  But who's complaining?  =D

Special thanks to Ayen Abutal for sharing her pen with me.  =)

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