Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Wedding Accessories from Divisoria

I'm not exactly what you consider a Divisoria/Baclaran girl.  Sure, I've been to both places a number of times; the former whenever the need to shop for lower priced items consumes me and the latter whenever I had to accompany an aunt for one reason or another.

With that in mind, I knew I would never miss the chance to go shopping there again for some of our wedding paraphernalia.

In an earlier entry, I've mentioned that my gown designer, Mia Barlaan, offered a wedding dress package that, aside from the gown, included all of the other items we would be needing for the celebration.

For an additional Php5,000, I could get a personalized second veil, cord, arrhae (sans coins, of course), garter and ring and coin bearer's pillows.  To say that I was surprised was an understatement.  Five smackers for all those?!

I was due to drop by Divisoria anyway, so I decided to browse through the pickings there first before deciding.  Good thing I did too as I was able to spend waaayyyyy lower than what she offered for all items.

Here's a rundown:

Second veil (one draped on the lamp) brought for Php65

Wedding cord for Php145

Our DIY invites.  Paper flowers needed for this bought in Divisoria for Php10 per 20 piece bundle.  Arrhae for Php28.

Both ring and coin bearers' pillows for Php85

I also bought a gown for one of my wedding sponsors there, in a place called Shaira's Bridal Shop.  Was selling for Php700.

All items sourced in shops in Tabora St., Divisoria.

The only thing I didn't buy there was the bridal garter, mainly because I didn't like the colors they were offering.  Was able to buy one in Landmark for Php199.75.

Hope this helps.  J


For a detailed list of our wedding expenses and some handy tips, please visit my Wedding Expenses: Our own Personalized Summary of Wedding Needsand Wants post at this link

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  1. Glad to found this article of yours! I was thinking of the exact same thing for our upcoming wedding -- visit Divisoria for these wedding accessories!


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