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Emma Donaghue's Room

I'll be the first to admit it -- I am such a cheapskate!  And considering my hobbies include reading and collecting non-fiction novels (a very expensive hobby if you ask me), it can sometimes put a strain on one's monthly budget.  Most of the time I would be scouring through, Booksale or any other 2nd hand bookstore in order to satisfy my literary needs.

There are, however, times when my will power falters and I find myself indulging in a brand new novel, after thinking about it a number of times first.  Book lovers know that 2nd hand bookstores rarely carry new titles, normally appearing on their shelves a year or more after the original release date.

Hubby is so used to this habit of mine, and has already come to expect us visiting a certain bookstore one too many times before I am finally able to convince myself to purchase a brand new, recently released title.  Yes, its pathetic I know.  =)

When Emma Donaghue's Room came out recently, I just couldn't help myself and immediately bought a brand new copy.

Room is a novel about 5 year old Jack who doesn't even realize that he and his mom are prisoners of a man he calls "Old Nick."  To his young mind, their 11x11 room is the only world he knows -- he was born in the there and has spent 5 birthdays trapped as well.  What he doesn't realize is that the world as he knows it is slowly beginning to change and he will then be faced with new challenges in a new environment he knows totally nothing about.  Read the full summary here at

Written in the POV of this smart 5 year old, the novel sort of reminds me of the movie Life is Beautiful, the Italian Roberto Benigni starrer.  Similar to Guido Orefice (the movie's protagonist), Jack's ma also tries her best to shield her son from the harsh realities of their situation, choosing instead to treat their world as a game.

This novel of Irish-born Emma Donaghue is a definite page turner.  It was interesting to see how their situation would play out in the long run and how they would adjust to both their current and new environments. 

I do, however, would love to have some parts of the novel written in Jack's ma's POV, as well.  Since the novel centers around Jack and his thoughts, expect to be left hanging on some important parts (like the first few years of his ma's captivity, etc.), some things that a 5 year old would have a hard time comprehending.

All in all, this book is definitely for keeps.  I give this novel 4 out of 5 stars.  =)


  1. I also love to read books, but because of academic hectic schedule, I just can't.

    Anyway, that novel you posted sounds interesting! Makes me want to read also. :))

  2. @Krizzia: I definitely recommend this book. Its really interesting and came out just at the same time Jaycee Duggard was rescued. =)

  3. yeah, Jaycee Duggard was the first person who came into my mind when i was reading the 5th paragraph of your post. i am interested to get thisbook, too. thanks!

    by the way, i would be adding you to my blog roll. please add me too:

  4. @wendy: Hi wendy! Thanks for the visit! Will visit you back as well. =)

  5. Waaah! I went book shopping the other day but I really didn't know what to buy. I wish I had read this post beforehand :(

  6. @Chew On This: The book's really nice. Well worth the price. I think I bought my copy for less than Php350. =)

  7. Hehe! I definitely understand what you mean. HAving been inspired with Mini Shopaholic,I also resolved to purchase a new book when I'm already done reading even at least 50% of the books I have on my shelf =)

  8. @PinayMom: I believ you can never have too many books. Hehehe! =)

  9. I am intrigued with this book and after reading this post, think I'm gonna buy it!thanks!

  10. @angge: Welcome. Hope you enjoy it as well. =)


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