Thursday, June 23, 2011

What Makes a Smart Phone a Genius Phone?

Admit it, mobile phones have become a necessity for almost everyone.  In fact, statistics show that the Philippines is the texting capital of the world.  Heck!  Even our basureros have at least one in their possession.

I've always believed that the Pinoys obsession with this tech gadget is sort of our society's revenge against the bygone days when telecommunication companies had such a slow turn-over time when it comes to approving and installing landline phones to it's customers due to the checking and rechecking of all submitted documents to ensure that one is indeed capable of paying for their communication services.

Fast track to the late 1990s, and we see just about everyone with their own portable phones.  I even know of some households (ours included) who have decided to totally forego applying for a landline phone since everyone has their own mobiles already. 

Not only are mobile phones easy to purchase, lines are just as convenient to apply for and use, as well.  Now looks who's clamoring for customers!

As such, with this ever growing trend, when during the initial years all cellular phones were used mainly for calling and texting only, we now find ourselves faced with a lot more other uses that make our lives so much easier.

That being said, what exactly makes a smart phone, or any other similar device, a genius phone in the first place?

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Oh, let me count the ways...

Wikipedia describes a smart phone as "a mobile phone that offers more advanced computing ability and connectivity than a contemporary feature phone"

But in order for it to be considered a genius phone does not require that one's mobile should....

... have passed a board state exam or graduated with honors. 

.... have invented something or be in line for a nobel prize award!

.... nor should they be certified by a super-secret genius sect that accepts only the best of the best in every field.

Now, wouldn't that be too silly?  =)

Nope, a genius phone is one that indeed makes life easier for it's users, with compact features and nifty applications that can eliminate the need for any other gadget since this one's got it all down pat!

What am I talking about?  Take the uber-stylish and multi-functional LG Optimus Black and 2x phones.

At Work...

Having been in the Human Resources profession, I remember always being on call and readily available to answer pressing personnel concerns anytime and any day of the week.  As such, accessing my office e-mail anywhere is as important as being able to breathe.  With the the LG phones' e-mail capabilities, I am able to keep in touch and readily able to answer inquiries anytime.

The LG Optimus Black also has a document view feature, a nifty tool for checking out documents while on the go. Wouldn't it be silly carrying your office desktop with you all the time?  =)

My office e-mail and documents are always accesible at the flick of a finger!

And At Play...

Don't get me wrong, though.  I do work hard but I definitely play harder, which is why I absolutely cannot live without my uhmmm... handy (?), dandy mp4 player.

Creativephoto © 2005 James Cooper | more info (via: Wylio)

Although this gadget has indeed served me well, but as you can see, it's long past its prime and is a little too bulky.  With the LG Optimus Black's multi-media player capabilities, I can now be able to watch and store my movies and music in a device that definitely weighs much less than my existing instrument.   Heck!  I can even watch all my favorite Youtube videos, something my old player definitely cannot do.

At such a light weight (at only 109g for the LG Optimus Black and 140g for the 2x model), it's so light you won't even notice it's there.  Bye-bye strained shoulders (as my device definitely adds to my shoulder bag's weight)!

Not only that, with the LG Optimus Black's wide Nova display 700 IPS 4.0 LCD screen (touted as the world's brightest), no more eye straining and missed scenes due to poor, low quality screen displays.

I am also a blogger, a hobby that initially started out as a means to save my sanity from my hectic work schedule, and as such, view my everyday mundane experiences as an adventure in itself.  Every foodie trip, every step out the door brings with it new possiblities for exploration and fodder for my ever-growing list of entries about life here in the Phippines and beyond.

One of the really nice and rewarding habits I've developed is bringing a digicam or at times my trusty DSLR camera to capture my everyday adventures.  (NOTE:  If you ever come across a gal with one big, bulky red camera bag, taking photos and angling her cam at all odd poses, that most probably would be little, old me!)

With LG Optimus Black's 5- megapixel and the Optimus 2x's 8-megapixel cameras, I can now leave my separate cams at home but still have a trusty gadget for taking photos with me anytime!

LG phones are Wi-fi enabled, which makes it easier for me to post and update my social networking accounts and my blog.  When the need to write comes, it's an itch that you definitely have to scratch.  Plus I write my best work whenever the inspiration strikes, and as we all know, it can come anytime!

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No need to those separate, bulky tablets that call out to thieves everytime your whip them out in public spaces!

LG phones also come equipped with bluetooth connectivity, which makes file transfers easier.  No need to bring long, snaking cords with you at all times. 

Cablesphoto © 2008 Tom Rolfe | more info (via: Wylio)

Yup, the LG LG Optimus Black and 2x phones are indeed the epitomes of genius!  Simply marvelous!

Optimus is more than just smart.  It’s genius.  Visit for more information!


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