Wednesday, June 29, 2011

STYLE FOR LESS: Moleskine's Volant vs. Front Notebooks

NOTE:  The items in this post are not exactly related to fashion, but I still would want to classify this under this category.  =)

THE SPLURGE: Moleskine's Volant ruled notebook (Php798)

Moleskine is a well-known Italian notebook brand that shot to fame by being the writing implement of choice for intellectuals and other creative geniuses all over the world.  With it's soft textured cover and acid free paper, users have sworn that writing is much more smoother as compared to other similar products.  And with it's compact design, can be just as easily be brought anywhere, fished out from it's hiding place as much as the need arises.

Moleskine notebooks can be purchased in various bookstores all over the Metro.

Source: Moleskine website

THE STEAL: Front notebooks (Php59.75)

For a fraction of the cost, Front notebooks, selling for only Php59.75, looks almost similar to Moleskine notebooks.  They also come in a variety of sizes, colors and boasts of ruled pages as well.

You can purchase Front notebooks at Landmark department store in Makati.



  1. Yeah notebooks are a bit more expensive than Front, but they have really nice designs and good paper too. =)

  2. @blackshirt13: What I'm not so sure of in Moleskins is that almost everyone I know who uses them almost end up their notebooks being split in half or more. I dunno why this is. Is that really normal for a moleskin notebook? =)

  3. I have a Moleskin, I love to write on it and it's still intact.. I don't know why yours is like that.. But yeah, it's kinda expensive so I'll perhaps give Front a try.

  4. @Ryan: Hmmmm...maybe its the way they are handled. But extreme wear and tear is expected when using a notebook anyway. =)

    NSB also sells front notebooks. =)

  5. I would really like to buy a Front notebook but have searched online to no avail. I live in the UK, is there anywhere you know online that is selling them?


    1. I don't think they sell this online. You'll have to ask someone to buy it for you here. Sorry. =(


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