Friday, June 24, 2011

My Pakyaw Experience: A Groupon Story

Groupon sites have been popping up everywhere!  Its almost impossible to not have come across at least one during your internet surfing sessions.  But little old me, being such a tightwad at times, have only had my first Groupon buying experience only last month, when I was faced with a really good deal I just couldn't very well refuse.  =)

I've mentioned in a number of previous posts that I am currently pregnant, and regardless of how much I resemble a whale right now than an actual human being (hehehe!), I am determined to document this great experience in style!

I have been avoiding having my photos taken like the plague recently, but I have come to realize that I would want my kid to see at least one picture of me pregnant with her (makes for good guilt-trip fodder in the future, don't you think?)  So why not make that single picture one really worth keeping?

And like a blessed sign from heaven, Pakyaw came and answered my call, by offering 65% discount off on a one-hour photo session with Blow-Up Babies (plus 2 prints).  Oh joy!  So off I went and immediately purchased a voucher.

I could not believe how easy it was to purchase one.  I am never one for new technology, choosing to embrace it only when the need arises or if I'm in one of my more adventurous moods.  Pathetic, I know.  As such, I was never much of an international online shopper where one could pay using paypal or through some other similar electronic means.  I am a skeptical twit and will, I guess forever remain to be so.

But the deal was just too good to pass up.  So keeping my fingers crossed, I opened an account, logged in and followed the steps:

Step 1: Choose the deal you would want to buy.

Step 2: Verify your order.

Step 3: Choose your preferred mode of payment.  In this case, I chose to pay via Gcash.

Once I entered my mobile number, the Mozcom Pay Easy system sent a message to Globe, who in turn prompted me to reply with my MPIN through text, to verify the transaction.

 Once payment has been verified, a message similar to this apprears:

I can now view and have my voucher printed!  It was so easy!

Each deal in Pakyaw requires a certain number of buyers before the deal can be activated.  If the deal does not reach or has not reached the required number of buyers, then you will not be charged for the transaction.  During the time I purchased this, the deal had fortunately reached the required number and was thus, as tech lingo would call it, "on" or activated already.

My next step would be to use my voucher!  I'm really excited!  But I'm actually waiting for my belly to grow out a little more (probably will be just right by my 8th month) before I set an appointment.

Stay tuned for my review on Blow-Up Babies' services soon!  =)


Signing up for a Pakyaw account is free.  Visit their site at to browse through their great daily offerings.

Pakyaw is part of the Magsaysay Group of Companies.


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