Monday, June 20, 2011

STYLE FOR LESS?: Hermes' Birkin Bag vs. a Lady Bug Bag

THE SPLURGE: Hermes' Birkin Bag (Around $9,000 to 150,000)

The Birkin bag manufactured by fashion icon brand Hermes, is every fashionista's dream carryall.  Originally developed for actress and singer Jane Birkin in the 1980s, this now iconic purse has graced the arms of the truly rich and famous (heck!  Even Mommy Dionisia got in on the action.)

You, too, an enjoy it's supple leather and unique design if you have at least Php4 million in spare change lying around the house.

Source: Hermes website

THE STEAL: Lady Bug bag (Php3,000)

I have to admit, in this "Style for Less" entry, I am a little doubtful as whether my eyes and brain are indeed playing tricks on me, but when I saw this Lady Bug bag at Landmark, I just couldn't help but think of a Birkin, only this bag is much smaller and slouchier.  Hehehe!  =)

Maybe it's the lock that got to me or the color, but everytime I look at the picture, I still can't help but think Birkin.  Anyway, this bag is available for Php3,000 at all Lady Bug branches in Landmark, Trinoma and Greenhills.


  1. I think Hermes replicas are everywhere these days and most of them are really cheap. Hihi.

  2. @Pink MagaLine: Yup. Influx of all those China-made replica bags. =D

  3. i love hermes bag but i hate the price. =) i would settle for lady bug bag.

  4. @michi: In fairness, the Lady Bug bag is cute. =)

  5. if anyone would give me a hermes bag as a gift, I'd sell it without thinking twice and the money for something more worthwhile! :-D

    Spanish Pinay

  6. @Spanish Pinay: True. Millions for a bag is too much. =D

  7. I really could not see how bags could merit such ridiculous price tags. Haha.

  8. @blackshirt13: As mentioned by Aling Dionisia, panget nga sya pero matibay naman yung materials. Hehehe!

    I also have no idea why they're so expensive. =D

  9. I am amazed how close those bags looked original...


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