Monday, June 13, 2011

FAB FIND: Moisture Eliminating Silica Gel

I've always had a problem with molds growing on my bags which have been placed in storage for quite a while. You see, I'm the type that uses a single bag til it breaks apart and only then opt to use a new one. But that doesn't stop me from buying bags that catches my eye once in a while.

The result?  A number of items placed in storage to be called to action until further notice.  However, no matter how careful I've been in storing them, mold and mildrew would always start growing on the material. And regardless of whatever Martha Stewart-esque handy tricks I've used, these offensive aliens still stay put.

While attending Sir Thaniel's photography class, he introduced us to an amazing product that can help eliminate excess moisture that leads to molds which can grow on camera lenses, also a bane among photographers caring for their expensive gadgets. And the answer was so simple!  Moisture eliminating silica gel packets!

Just place one tiny packet placed into your storage area or inside your bag and viola!  It lessens the probability of mold growth.

One box sells for only Php74.75 (I bought mine at SM.)  Containing 25 packets, it's plenty enough for a lot of items.  Plus they're reusable.  When the small balls turn pink (which means they've absorbed as much as they can), just simply place them under direct sunlight til they turn back to their original transparent color.  Use again as desired.

I place them everywhere!  Cabinets, my DSLR bag, jewelry case, bags, etc.  Truly an amazing product!  =)


  1. i wonder where can i buy these here in pinas ;)

  2. @aMz88: You can find them in any department hardware store. This brand I bought from Ace in SM. =)

  3. Hi! You may also like to try dehumidifiers sold at 88 store. After 1-2 months, mine always has so much water collected from the humidity in the air. I put it in all my closets =)

  4. @Anonymous: I tried those once but they're not really reusable. Plus they're a little messy and bulky for my taste. With these gels, once they turn pink (which means they're saturated with moisture already), then all you have to do is place them under the sun, wait til they're clear again and you're good to go. =)


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