Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lovin' Fely J's Kitchen

Being married to an OFW, you'll definitely have to expect eating out at a LOT of restaurants offering Filipino cuisine.  It's a good thing though, that eateries offering top quality local fare are quite abundant in the Metro.

One of our absolute favorites is Fely J's Kitchen, located at Greenbelt 5.

Part of the LJC Restaurant Group, Fely J's Kitchen is dedicted to the company founder's mother who loves to cook really great Filipino fare.

When at Fely J's, be sure to start your gastronimical adventure off with a basket of their complimentary Cropek or Shrimp crackers.  Yum!

We also love their Bangus belly sinigang (Php395) where you're given a choice between using bayabas or sampaloc as the souring agent.  We opted for bayabas, which made for such a tasty sweet and sour broth.  And who doesn't love bangus belly?  Aside from salmon, milkfish is definitely one of my top favorite fishes to eat.

And of course, the ever-present Sisig (Php185), which we never ever fail to order in all of the Filipino restuarants we choose to dine in.  Men talaga!  Hay!  Fely J's actually offers this as an appetizer so expect a relatively small serving.  It is tasty though and well worth the price.

We also quenched our thirst with 2 of their great drinks.  The 4 seasons juice (Php130 - on the right), Fely J's own house concoction.  It was so fresh and cool, just perfect to beat the Metro heat. 

The one on the left is their Sago't gulaman (Php95).  The juice was really great with just enough sweetness from the sugar syrup, unfortunately our sago pearls weren't really that well-cooked.

We usually order their Dili-cious rice (Php205), composed of deep fried dilis and taosi beans on top of steaming jasmine rice.  Definitely one of their house specialities, with a single order good enough for 3 to 4 people.  However, for this particular visit, we were more inclined to order some jasmine rice (Php55) instead.

So the next time you find yourself in Greenbelt 5, try Fely J's Kitchen for a great Filipino dining experience!  =)


Fely J's Kitchen
2nd Level, Greenbelt 5,
Ayala Center, Makati City

(+632) 728-8878 or 728-8858


  1. same with my mom,when she's here in ph, she likes to eat filipino dishes and her fave resto is max's. thanks for sharing this resto.

  2. @michi: Try Fely Js as well. I'm sure she'll like it too. =)

  3. I wanna try Phillipine cuisine someday. haha! :)


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