Friday, June 3, 2011

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I never really liked high school.  And yes, I do envy, and am at times in awe at the millions of people who say they had a blast during this crucial adolescent / puberty / hormone-overloaded time of their lives.  But being an average, overweight, socially-inept wallflower didn't do anything much for my self-esteem, especially when I was surrounded by people who I think has already got it down pat.

You see, I wasn't usually like the other HS teenagers I've met.  I didn't like parties.  I didn't like dealing with boys (I came from an exclusive all-girls elementary school and had absolutely no idea on how to be around them.)  And most of all, I hated the ackward, self-conscious phrase that puberty brought.

There was one shiny, tiny inch of dignity that I was able to capture though.  I joined the school choir during my sophomore year, which served as my refuge from school's harsh reality. 

So when the tv show Glee came along, you bet it was bound to become one of my favorites!

Glee, as everyone is aware of, is about a group of kids who are considered the outcasts of their small school society, but their love of music brings them together and they learn life's important lessons along the way.

What I really love about this show is the weirdness and unexpectedness of the situations they get themselves into, plus the fact that the villain is not always such at every episode.  So unlike Pinoy telenovelas which stereotypes actors as "good" or "bad", branding them that title forever (hello!  Think FPJ!)  It's no wonder that even the masses had a hard time believing that Erap was a thief wasting away the nation's coffers.  They just didn't see him in enough bad guy movie roles.  Distorted perception much?

But I digress.  Like every devoted Glee fan, I love hearing about the cast's exploits when on or off the set.  Heck!  It gives me something to look forward to whenever they show reruns.

Good thing there are local fan sites like Gleekzone which whets my appetite for anything Glee.  Chockful of news, trivia and pictures, among other things, every true Gleek will definitely get lost in this vast, wealthy site commemorating Gleekdom and everything Gleeky!

And even though I have outgrown my loser-ness since HS (I hope), I definitely love looking back at the times when choir was one of the highlights of my dreary days. 

More power to the Gleeks!

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