Sunday, May 22, 2011

Teriyaki Boy Munchies

Teriyaki Boy has been around for so many years already, but I just realized I've yet to post an entry about them.  I think it's high time I did anyway.

Owned by the same company that brought us Pancake House, Dencio's and Sizzlin Pepper Steak, among others, Teriyaki Boy aims to deliver high-quality Japanese cuisine at an affordable price.  It's one of our family's go-to restaurants when we crave for some Japanese fare.

I do, however, have sort of a love-hate relationship with them.

First off, I absolutely love their food!  Most especially their Teriyaki Boy chicken ju (Php198) one of their bestsellers and a dish which I never fail to order during each visit. 

Their Oyako don (Php165), a dish composed of rice topped with chicken cutlets braised in soy sauce with onions, leeks and scrambled egg, is also another must-try.  The meat is so tender and you can really taste the onions.

For those who simply cannot live without a salad starter, I also recommend their Kani Salad (Php130), another one of their house specialties.  Bet you've never had this type of salad made up of cucumber slaw topped with Japanese crabsticks, mayonaise and shrimp roe.  I tell you!  It's out-of-this-world tasty! 

The cucumber strips are so cool and refreshing to the palate, while the crabsticks, mayo and shrimp roe give it that sweet and salty kick.

I also love the fact that they play catchy Japanese tunes in their stores.  I may not understand the lyrics, but at least it follows with the overall theme.

Now, on to the not-so-positive remarks:

1. I could never really understand it but more often than not, I have always had experienced unsatisfactory service in most of the Teriyaki Boy branches I've been to.  Bills and orders often are served late and/or I am met with really disgruntled waiters.  Wonder why that is?

2. Most Teriyaki Boy branches I've been to have a really funky smell.  The worst was at a more recent trip at their Mall of Asia store where the whole place smelled like a dirty toilet.  Oh and did I mention that the AC wasn't on which made the smell worse!  There were also issues with sticky seats and dirty floors.

I do hope that Teriyaki Boy's management does something about this.  They may serve really great food but if this continues, it would be a shame to lose so many potential customers.  =(


Teriyaki Boy has branches scattered all around the country.  Please visit their website at for the full list.


  1. The last time my fiance and I dined at their Gateway branch, I really swore not to come back again. The waiters are so grumpy and so slow. It took us forever while waiting for our bill. Tsk tsk.

  2. @Jazzy Jazz: You said it. I really wish they'd beef up their customer service skills. =(

  3. i can say they have a gud customer service in Trinoma branch..the waiters are gud..and attentive..gud job for trinoma branch

    they serve good food esp. the oyako don,,its my favorite and teriyaki chicken ju.

  4. @Anonymous: Good for them! ALthough I haven't tried their Trinoma branch yet. My experience, however, is the same for their MOA, Robinson's Manila, Glorietta and Greenbelt (although I'm exactly sure if this one is still standing), customer service-wise that is. =)


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